Washington DC

We arrived here 2 days ago.  The evening we arrived we went for a walk around the wooded perimeter track of the park-It’s quite a big place.  On our walk we saw fire flies, what a delight to see, they shine so brightly!

Our first day exploring DC we drove to the train station-about 10 mins, then caught the train which is mostly an underground system. We are about 7 stops from Archives which is central to all the monuments, it took about 25 mins, very efficient, clean and regular train service.

Going above ground at Archives (National Archives) for the first time is wonderful.  It’s downtown and surrounded by historic buildings.  We were meeting up with Angie at 11 at the Lincoln Memorial so we wandered in that general direction.  We walked through the National Mall area and took in the sites.  It’s very impressive.


The buildings are quite a mish mash of design and cladding but most buildings are 19thcentury or newer, it’s a young city that looks historically old.  For the most part the buildings are classic in their design with big pillars out front, domes, great doorways etc.


Many of the grand buildings are monuments or museums built specifically to commemorate an event or person, mostly wars and presidents.  The Smithsonian has 19 buildings and they are all separate and spread out across the city but most are concentrated in the National Mall area.


We didn’t go into any of the museums on the first day, just walked around and took in the monuments.  It was great having Angie escort us around the city as she has broad knowledge of the buildings and area.

I was given a tip at the campsite to go to the old Post Office building which has been converted to a Trump hotel, however you can go in the back way and make your way up into the Bell Tower to get a lofty panorama of the city.  The interior of the hotel atrium from the glass elevator looked very impressive too.



At the end of the day she went home to her apartment and we caught the train home, thoroughly exhausted from having walked over 10 km.  My knee held up very well.