USA, Picking up the car and getting locked out of the coach

After 2 nights in the park more and more RV’s arrived.  This weekend is Memorial weekend, which is the same as our Anzac day, remembering and honoring veterans.  Monday is a public holiday, so the park is now pretty full.  The modifications we needed done to the car to make it towable are complete and so we want to collect the car ASAP.  All this time we have had a rental which has been costly and we don’t want to be paying for it over the long weekend, so we decided to collect the car on Sat.  We have to collect it from the salesyard in Coopersville, Michigan.  This is a 4 hour drive on the interstates heading North East.  We need to collect the car before they close at 1pm and so we got up at 5am and hit the road about an hour later.  S drives us all the way and we make good time which is just as well as we forgot about the time difference as we head through Indiana, they are an hour ahead.

We collect the car, a Chevrolet Equinox LTZ 2015.  Very nice car in good condition.

Stuart drives it and I drive the rental to the nearest Hertz dealer about a 30 minute drive away then we both drove back to the coach in our new car.

We arrived back about 4pm.  We were both so tired but we had a bite to eat and a beer and decided to go for a walk to unwind.      Since we picked up the coach we have had a struggle with keys-there are huge number of them, and problems with the door lock-it has a sturdy lock and a dead lock.  S devised a plan of how to manage our keys so that we never get locked out.  However after this long day of driving, when returning to the coach we realised we were indeed locked out.   Our phones, money etc all inside the coach and no way to get in was challenging.  It turns out the deadlock was faulty, so no key system we worked out was going to prevent this problem happening at some stage.

This was a bummer of a situation, made worse by us both being so tired.

The lady that runs the park is called Judy and we went to see her to see if she could help us in any way.  Different people from the RV’s in the park started to get involved and before we knew it, we had offers of money, motel rooms being set aside for us if we needed it etc.  Everyone was so kind, it really was a lovely thing to see.  As it happened Judy knew our salesman Phil at Pontiac RV.  He ended up driving out from his hime about 25 miles away, Greg our engineer arrived with his partner Jill to help.  This was about 9pm on Sat night!

Greg found a small window that was unlocked and someone found a small child that we posted through, who then unlocked the door from the inside. We were grateful to get back in, but what astounded me was everyone’s care, concern and generosity.

Its now Monday night and the long weekend is over, our fellow neighbours have all gone home and the park is once again quiet and reasonably empty.

We dumped our waste again today and went for a short drive in the coach.  Were just about ready to get on the road but tomorrow we are back in the workshop for a few more jobs including getting the hitch on so the car can be towed.  There is some unsettled weather south east of here which will bring rain here on Wed/Thurs so we might stay put til then.

Typically we are in about 38 deg of heat all day.  This heat is hard for us to get used to, even the locals are struggling with it.  Sounds as though memorial day is much like Anzac day weather wise, cold and wet, so this very hot weather is unusual for May.