USA, Observations of life in an RV park

The 4H park was tranquil and quiet prior to the long weekend.  There are 300-400 year old oaks scattered all through the park that squirrels are always scampering up as we walk by.  Beyond the park are the flat endless fields of newly planted corn and soy beans.  In the evenings, the sky takes on the most wonderful warm purples, oranges and yellows.  This is big sky country, flat to the horizon.  I like it.

This is the coach towing our car in the 4H park


This is our campsite setup

Me cooking

RV’s started to arrive on Fri and more and more came in through the day.  The space we had around us, which I had naively considered to be our space soon had RV’s in it.  People arrive, unhitch, unload, open out their slides, put down their awnings, lay out their patio mats, bbq, table cloth on the picnic table all with the ease and practice of having done it hundreds of times.

Most people drape coloured fairy lights around their RV, stick a 2 ft pole in the ground to hang the US flag on and light the fire pit.  The fire pit is like a big steel wheel hub.  I didn’t see anyone cook over their firepit, yet many were burning-this struck me as odd given it’s about 37 deg up til 9pm.  I think maybe the smoke keeps the bugs away??

The folk in these RV’s are all ages-lots of young people with young children, elderly with dogs or grandchildren.  Some just like us.  Yet I noticed that none of the dogs barked and the children were well behaved.  Lots of people were locals and knew each other and stood around and chatted with a beer but no one raised their voices and there was no music playing.  Everyone waves and chats as you walk past, everyone feels approachable and welcoming.

The environment was new to us and I guess we felt like outsiders but it was a good vibe.