USA May 23rd, still in Pontiac, taking ownership

May 23rd, we officially took ownership of the coach today.  This means we have paid for it, and we have insurance for it.  We have had the coach in the workshop today having the solar panels put on the roof.  Stuart has been on the roof with Greg the engineer assisting him and learning how they are installed and operated.

I have been busy all day.  I opened all of our boxes of stuff needed to live on the coach.

Then I cleaned the coach, which had already been done, but I wanted to do it again, to be sure all was free of dust.  Its also a good way to check for damage or any other issues.  I found some, but all minor stuff.

Once cleaned, I moved our clothes, bed linen, towels etc on.  Then I went solo in the car for the first time to buy some groceries for lunch.  We have been eating subways as the most healthy quick takeaway but have got really sick of them.  Later in the afternoon I had the brainwave that we needed dinner too, and went shopping again in the car.  I should point out that generally at home I plan a little better.  My 2 solo drives were most successful.  I’m feeling pretty good about driving over here now.  I still can’t reverse, and car parks are baffling.-It really is all opposite.

Here in Pontiac there are 2 supermarkets.  Walmart, which is a combination of the Warehouse, Spotlight and Pack and Save.  They sell cheese to guns, fabric to steam cleaners.  Vast stores.  If you are unfamiliar with the store and you want 1 item it takes half a day to fine it, but it’s stock range and options are amazing.

The other store is called the Country store.  It’s more of a Countdown.  No New World here.  It’s astonishing how much processed rubbish food is sold in these supermarkets.  There are healthy choices but they cost a lot more.  I noticed this in the UK.  Rubbish food is so cheap. There are more food choices than in NZ, even here in Pontiac, and overall groceries, cleaning stuff, household stuff is much cheaper.

So we are moved in now.  Our clothes are unpacked from the suitcases, the groceries are unpacked and I have made 2 meals today.  This is great as we can now get back on our healthy diet.  Also, we ordered a coffee machine, which we have working, so good coffee at last, although whole beans are hard to find here.

Here are some pics of the coach while it was being worked on.

It seems as though the US is so advanced in some ways, such as roading, infrastructure, stores, etc but so backwards, 20 years behind NZ when it comes to technology, internet coverage, banking technology, flat whites!

We are having our first night on the coach.  Everything is new and we are so pleased with all aspects of the coach.  We had been apprehensive that it may be poor quality, but the coach itself is amazing.  Technology and comfort way beyond our expectation.  All of our Amazon purchases have been great-only one order was wrong and that’s being corrected immediately.  Very comfortable King bed.  The coach also has a spare queen bed which is a sofa bed, a bathroom with toilet and separate toilet.

We are still at Pontiac RV, in their immense carpark but hooked up to power and water.  In fact the power failed tonight so Stuart had to learn how to run the coach on the inverter.  This is all pretty simple to him after a life time of boating.

Its been cold in the US since we arrived, but it’s hot today and looks good for a few days yet.