USA, life in the first RV park

We spent 3 nights on the coach in the Pontiac RV carpark.  This was great as we were still learning so much about the coach, and needed some minor issues fixed.  Stuart has been working alongside an engineer called Greg who has been so incredibly helpful and competent.  He’s such a nice man.  Stuart has learnt a lot about the coach and how it runs from Greg.

Stuart and Greg

Being parked at Pontiac RV (which is about a 3 acre carpark!) was great but we had no way to empty our grey and black tanks so we really had to move.

Parked at Pontiac RV

We had already looked at an RV park 10 minutes away called 4H and so booked in with the Judy, the lady that runs the park.  We found our 50amp spot.  Stuart asked Greg to drive over with him in a separate car, Stuart in our rental so we could have the rental car at the park, this way both of us could be on the coach as we made our first trip.

We unhooked from power and water and stowed all stuff in side and drove out.  Stuart was so excited to drive.  I asked him if he was nervous, but he said he’s been wanting to drive a truck all his life and was happy to finally do so.  When the coach starts up, there are airbags under the chassis that inflate to give a very soft comfortable ride.  Also the diesel engine is at the back of the coach so it’s a soft and quiet ride.  Stuart drove it so well.

I video’d our first drive and will get it up on youtube as soon as we can get a better data plan.  When we arrived at the park we went straight to the dumping area to off load our grey and black water.  This was a very simple process.  Also, there was no one else around so we could take our time and do it all carefully.  I can see that in a busy park and busy season there might be a wait to use these sorts of facilities.  No mess, no fuss and we are on our way to our 50amp spot.  It wasn’t a simple procedure to get parked, having to maneuver around picnic tables and fire pits, but again, Stuart did an excellent job.

In these situations, I get off the coach with a two way radio and give S help, trying to see what he can’t see like tree branches we might hit.

In this park we are not provided with a full hookup, which means we are not connected to sewer while we are parked.  We have to keep an eye on our grey and black water tanks.  If they fill, we have to drive to the other end of the park to dump again, it will take about 4 days for them to fill.

Very few other RV’s around, lots of squirrels and rabbits-this is all very good!

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