USA, Heading west, Missouri

We got the coach ready for travelling today, which only takes us a few minutes, were used to the routine from our boating life.  We said goodbye and a big hug with Judy, funny how some people you meet you feel as if you’ve known them for a long time-she’s one of those people.  We called into Pontiac RV to say goodbye to Greg who has been very good to us.  We said good bye to Phil who has been the sales man we have been dealing with.  He has also been very good to us-every single person we had dealings with at Pontiac RV have been positive and helpful.  We’ve never known such good service and hospitality, and this is after we had bought the coach.  We’ll never forget the support and friendship we felt from Phil and Greg the evening we got locked out of the coach.

Phil pointed us in the direction of a weigh station nearby.  Stuart thought it important to have the coach, and then the coach and car weighed to make sure we are not over weight.  We are pretty fully loaded now so it was a good test.  The weigh station was at an incredibly huge grain storage facility-this is corn country afterall…  Trucks were coming and going with corn but the busy operators were very helpful-Phil had set it all up for us.  We had a combined weight of 34760 pounds, or 17 .38 US tonnes , or 15766 KG, which seems  very heavy to me-heavier than the boat!  But Stuart thought that was a good weight.  We have 1500 pounds spare cargo capacity.

After weighing the coach we headed west on Route 66 but that part of it was a terrible driving experience-bumpy and potholes and lots of trucks.  Given that it was running parallel to the interstate we thought we might was well get our kicks on that instead.  S wanted only a short run today so we have driven to Lincoln Missouri.  We are still in corn and soybean country but its pretty.  We are staying in a nice quiet park called Camp a While run by Steve.  We have a full hookup here which is great.  A lovely day today, hot and humid, about 90f, 27 c.  Great sunset over the fields.

Tomorrow we are heading further west.


We headed to St Louis in Missouri, crossed over the Mississippi River-I just had to listen to Mississippi by Pussycat, I’ve always loved that song.

At 5ish on that Fri afternoon we headed west in heavy rush hour traffic to a place called Jonesburg 30 miles west of St Louis.

We are there now at a nice woodsy RV park.

Stuart is starting to drive the coach as though he’s been driving it all his live.  Second nature.  Actually, since I’ve known Stuart he’s had a recurring dream that he often tells me about, that he is driving the boat around the streets.  Sometimes he has difficulty parking it and gets into all sorts of situations with it, we always think it such a funny dream to have.  Well, I think that driving along on the coach is like the boat on wheels.  We ride on a chassis that sits on airbags, so it’s a soft motion, a lot like being on a calm sea.  Maybe we were destined for this life, he’s got his boat on wheels!

It’s Saturday morning here in Jonesville.  A storm is rolling through (this is hurricane alley, but none predicted…), it’s been raining with thunder and lightning for a couple of hours, but we are comfortable on the coach.  We are hoping the storm will lower the temperature and humidity, it was about 95 deg f yesterday, the air is so heavy you feel as though you are wearing it.

I’ve had a chest infection for about 5 days now.  I’ve been on anti-biotics and other medication and it’s proving hard to shift.  Mornings and evenings are tough but I’m not too bad during the day.  I’m hoping to get over it soon, a cooler climate might help.