Las Vegas

We are staying at a lovely luxury motor coach resort in Las Vegas.  We are about 5 miles away from the ‘strip’ and about 8 miles from where we are going to store the coach when we go home.  The resort we are in has a main swimming pool complex and one in each corner of the resort, 3 pickleball courts and some magnificent coaches that mostly have great outdoor kitchens and tiki type bars like our neighbours below, along with palm trees and blue skies it feels very tropical.  We have met and spent time with our lovely neighbours Ron and Jerry.   Our main focus while at the resort is to get the coach and car ready for storage which we have almost […]

Crossing the Nevada Desert

It was about a 4 hour drive across the desert heading for Elko-just past mid way.  I was surprised that there were scanty traces of civilization all along the interstate.  There were a few ranches, some very small communities, the odd house dotted along, but mostly the land is BLM-public land (Bureau of Land Management).  We drove along the interstate which in places had an 85 MPH speed limit which seems very fast. Elko was quite a large city with a population of about 20,000.  It sits on the Humboldt River so there is water!  Actually, that river runs parallel to the interstate just about the whole way.  There were a few RV parks to choose from at Elko but all close together-we chose the […]

Reno, Nevada

We rode our Bicycles into Reno from Sparks which was only a couple of miles away.  We had to detour a bit not knowing how to get over the railway lines and interstate 5.  Reno was named after Jesse L Reno a Union General in the Civil war.  It’s known as the biggest little city and in the mid 19th century was bigger than Las Vegas as there was gold and silver found nearby and later the railway was laid through Reno.  In the 1930’s Reno boomed because it was one of a few places where couples could get divorced! Reno is high desert at 4500 ft, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  It’s in a fertile area called Truckee Meadows and gets […]

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