Lake Havasu, Arizona

We booked into the ‘Islander Resort’ at Lake Havasu many weeks ago, a week here and a week in Las Vegas before flying home.  We thought a couple of weeks in the desert doing not very much would be relaxing before heading home. We have been at lake Havasu for 5 days now. There are 3 pickle ball courts which we are playing on, a beautiful swimming pool and hot tub and many walks within the resort.  The resort is located right on the lake.  The lake itself is very pretty, it sits on a bed of limestone so it looks blue green depending on the light.  The word Havasu means blue green and Havasupai describes the aboriginal people from this area, people of blue green […]


We spent 5 nights at an RV resort near New River north of Phoenix.  This is a place we enjoyed last year, it’s in the Sonoran Desert.  The Sonoran Desert is the only place where the Saguaro cactus grow, and I love being amongst them. With a quick glance you can think there is nothing here in this desert, but it’s full of life if you take the time to look.  There are all types of cactus and many of the Saguaro and Barrel cactus were flowering which was lovely to see.   There are the typical desert snakes and spiders, although we didn’t see any, but also the Sonoran Tortoise, as big as a dinner plate, coyotes-didn’t see any but heard them.  We visited […]

Oh my sweet Carolina

We had a 3 hour drive to get to the Hamilton Branch State Park in South Carolina.  We are only just over the state line from Georgia.  We have a space at the lake edge, its beautiful here. We are away from the alligators, I asked the ranger what we can find here and he said there are lots of deer, fox, fox squirrels which are big, snakes, but there are snakes all over the US, and that’s about it, all very friendly. The drive today was all through tree lined roads, mostly pines much like Colorado and Oregon, Georgia seems to be a very green state.  As we head further north, there is an almost imperceptible sense that the weather is cooling off, although […]

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