Steamboat Springs

We had a great drive over the mountain from Grand Lake to Steamboat Springs. There was a huge mountain pass called Rabbit Ear pass (?) which was a 7% gradient. The coach handled the drive up very well and effortlessly and coming down Stuart took it nice and slow and had the engine brake us all the way down. We had a rental truck go past us at some point and at the bottom of the pass he was pulled over with smoke coming from his brakes. Stuart said that would be a very bad thing to have happen to us.

We drove through Steamboat Springs and were staying in an RV park called Eagle Soaring about 7 miles out. This was a lovely park, clean, flat and with long beautiful views.


We had two nights there. The afternoon we arrived I took the car and went exploring for groceries. I found an organic supermarket and bought all our food there. Organic food here costs less than organic food in NZ and the variety is mind boggling.
We decided to make our full day in Steamboat a working day. Stuart needed to have some changes made to some timber he bought (it’s timber we use to park the wheels of the coach on) and I planned to cook some meals for the freezer. We both got our work finished by mid afternoon and headed into Steamboat for an explore and I particularly wanted to visit a store that sells western clothes-very much like RM Williams. What a great shop. I was very tempted to buy some cowboy boots but managed to restrain myself. I did by some cool jeans, a sparkly belt and a Pocohontas top-all that I love.

This is my Pocohontas top and new belt.

I think there is a cowgirl in me that is popping up to the surface, I’m soon going to be researching local line dancing!!! (Not really). Stuart also bought some clothes, which he really needed as he bought so few from NZ. Clothes are pretty cheap here.

Steamboat was a fabulous town, full of arty interesting shops. We really enjoyed it but it was 97deg (the car read 115deg, that’s about 43 c) Very hot and demotivating. We headed back to the coach for the aircon!

On the move again and this time to Fossil Valley RV park in Vernal Utah. It was sad to leave Colorado behind-we both loved the state.
This part of Utah is famous for all the dinosaur bones found here. Bones from many species of dinosaur have been found in hundreds of sites. The dinosaurs were washed down a huge river valley 150 million years ago. Their bones were covered over with mud etc and became fossilized. Then the elements eroded the land and revealed the bones.

We are staying in Vernal for 2 nights and today was a full day here for us. We drove out to Dry Fork Canyon, to a place 30 mins away called McConkie Ranch. From there you can walk over the rocks and see some petroglyphs from the Fremont Culture that lived here around 1200AD. Some of the petroglyphs are impressive and it was worth going to have a look. I found it interesting that some of the images that were drawn in to the sandstone resembled the same style of image the Aztecs also drew.

This is Vernal, Utah

After wandering over the rocks we went for a bicycle ride which exhausted us both. It was another 97 deg day.

These are the rocks with the Petroglyphs

Back at the coach I walked down the road to look at a shop called CAL Ranch Wear, what a great shop. It’s a hardware store/pet store/saddlery and tack shop (which I loved), all those western saddles! Also clothes and guns (yuk) and other weird stuff. I was in there for ages. No stores like that in NZ. I bought another pair of jeans for $60 NZ which I thought was cheap. Again I resisted the cowboy boots.

Tomorrow we are off to Wyoming as we head closer to Yellowstone.