Savannah Georgia, Day 2

We drove back into central Savannah today and parked near Forsyth Park.  Firstly we had a look inside the grand Roman Catholic Cathedral.  Very beautiful.



Oglethorpe’s far sighted vision not only included 22 squares for the city, but a large park too.  This park has a beautiful fountain

and lots of walking paths, but it’s really about walking around the edge of the park and taking in all the stately houses.  This area is still considered the historic section of the city.



The houses are at times 4 levels tall, often Georgian in design and great attention to detail paid with the wooden and brick ornaments.  As in NZ, each house was a completely different design and colour to it’s neighbour.  In NZ we take this for granted, but so often in cities here, UK, Canada etc streets have houses all the same design.


I looked up the price of some of the houses that were for sale in this area.  Of course you can’t gauge the quality of the house, but a 7 bedroom, 7 bathroom stately brick mansion in this historic area would cost roughly 3M NZ$.  You can’t buy that sort of real estate in NZ for the same money!

After the park we wandered around more of the historic area of the city and walked through more squares.  Dotted around the city are boutique shops selling all sorts of things, and the art and design college here has it’s campus spread around the historic area too.

The city streets are lined with massive live oaks, the berms are planted out in ground cover with sago palms and parlour palms growing up through the greenery.  Many streets are cobbled and horses pull covered wagons with tourists on board getting a ‘lazy’ tour of the city.

This has been one of the most enjoyable and pretty places we have been to on our travels.