Salt Lake City, Snowbird Resort

When we caught up with Tracy yesterday he suggested as something we could do while in SLC is visit Snowbird or Park City.  Both are in the mountains.  By the time we got going we only had time to see one place, so we decided to see Snowbird-we will see Park City in another year.  Snowbird is an all year round resort, owned by Robert Redford.  It’s a 30 minute drive from SLC up the mountain.  Snowbird is ultimately a ski resort, and it looks like it would be amazing to ski there.  It would have the ski runs you only dream off, long runs through the pine trees.  However, in the middle of summer it still attracts a crowd.  There are many hiking and mountain biking tracks where there would normally be ski runs.

We caught the gondola up to the top of the mountain and had a look around and walked down a little way to take the chair lift down.  If we had time we would have walked all the way down.  The scenery was fabulous at the top.  While central SLC is dry and quite brown looking in places, up in the mountains the hillsides are green with pine trees, grasses and wild flowers.

One thing I love about Utah is the diverse colours in the mountains.  This place is so rich in minerals, you can literally see them in the rock.  The mountains around Snowbird used to be mined, they have found gold, silver, zinc, iron etc.



Near the chair lift there is a tunnel that connects one ski run to another, it’s impressive engineering and interesting to walk through as it displays historic photos of the mining era.


Tracy lives not far from this area, also in the mountains and gets moose in his garden, there has been a sighting of a black bear and the recent capture of a mountain lion, so it’s an area rich in wildlife.  It was great getting into the mountains and looking back down onto the city.  It was a very impressive resort with heaps to do.

Back at the coach we had a rest and then rode our bicycles along the cycle path just by the RV park we are staying in.  The evenings here are warm and the sunsets are a wonderful warm apricot colour.

We move on tomorrow-SLC has been a treasure of city, one of the nicest places in the US we have been to so far.