Relaxing and exploring at Colorado Springs

Sat June 10th.  Yesterday we drove 50 miles from West Pueblo to Near Colorado springs to a place called Garden of the Gods.  It’s a big open free park that has lots of walking and mountain biking trails through it.  The draw card is the 250 million year old rock.  It’s red, pink and white sandstone.  Through time, the elements have carved out interesting rock formations including some tall spires.  It was a very impressive park. Stuart too most of these photos, they are very good.


I found the walking hard going-it was about 38deg and a very dry heat.  I’m still recovering from the chest infection I’ve had for a couple of weeks and I found it very hard to breathe.  I felt very unfit!  We walked and explored for a couple of hours and then drove back to the RV park.

The video for the walk around Garden of the Gods is on my Youtube channel, or use this link:

Today we left the RV park in West Pueblo for one about 20 miles north of Colorado Springs.

This is a very different park.  West Pueblo was flat, dry and empty, here we are surrounded by pine trees on a hill side.  Stuart did very well to drive the coach through Colorado Springs today in heavy traffic, and then to park the coach-reversing it into this space, uphill with trees very close on either side.  Very impressive indeed.

We were going to stay here for 2 nights but we have decided to stay for a week.  We both need to rest up, and I still need to recover.  I think a lazy week here will be good for us.

Sunday, we decided to go for a drive (in the car) into the mountains.  After leaving this current park I have booked us into a park called Basecamp.  The name of it should have been a giveaway, but I just took note of the distance from here, not the altitude… I’m a bit slow.   Denver is known as the mile high city.  Basecamp, while only 30 miles from Denver is at 9000 feet.  So, we thought we had better do a reconnoiter to make sure the gradient was not going to be too much for the coach, not so much going up but coming back down.

It was a very pretty drive over to the mountains and the closer we got the more beautiful it became.

This is deer country, lots are dead on the side of the road so you need to watch out for them when driving.  The drive up towards Basecamp seemed doable for the coach, quite a nice road.  On the way we drove through the Golden Gate National Park and stopped off at a visitors which was very interesting.  There is so much wildlife in the mountains-Bob cats, mountain lions, bears, snakes, beavers etc.  Lots of the wildlife needs to be avoided, we are nervous to walk on tracks with bears around.

Basecamp is a nice RV park, it also has some log cabins.

We secured the spot we want to park at.  We drove on through the mountains and came to another camping spot.  This time more rustic with no power, water, sewer hookups but we don’t mind that, so we are booked in there too for a few nights.  May as well make taking the coach up the mountain worthwhile by staying for a while.  We took a different route back off the mountain and went past a lovely looking place called Blackhawk which we will go back and explore.

I’ve also seen lots of scenes that I would like to sit and paint…

This is the link to the video for walking around Blackhawk.

We are starting to plan our route after Colorado and are looking at heading north west into Wyoming to have a look at the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone national parks.  We didn’t realise we would have to book weeks in advance for campsites, we knew it would be peak season but what we didn’t quite understand is that most Americans live inland and therefore most get away for their holidays in RV’s of all shapes and sizes, and they all head for the hills and the National parks.  So we need to do a bit more forward planning and booking.  It’s exciting research to do.