Rainy night in Georgia

We left the Hamilton State park and crossed back into Georgia.  We thought we would just turn up at the next park, as we have been doing that for a few weeks now-there are no school holidays, and it’s still too early for the Snowbirds so many parks have a lot of capacity.  However as we were approaching the next park we thought we had better check by calling ahead-they were full!  Found another option, also full-had to compromise with a third option which was a slightly scruffy park in the woods.  There was a pool but it wasn’t heated.   We had been watching the storm off the Florida Panhandle and thought that these woods would be a good place to take shelter.

The park was about 120 acres and had lots of walking tracks through the woods.  This was really nice because the woods were very reminiscent of the English woods, quite different to NZ bush.  We really enjoyed our walks through here.  Strangely, the leaves are falling from the trees but the colours are not yet changing.  Apparently it’s very warm here for autumn.

After a few days in the woods and carefully watching the storm become a tropical depression and then a hurricane, we started to wonder if the woods were a good place to be, it was complicated by having only very marginal internet-the best spot being a ten min walk through the woods.  This morning S woke me to say he thought we should move, tornadoes were predicted ahead of the hurricane, and the hurricane had intensified to cat 4.  We spoke to some locals who all said nothing would come of the storm, it was all media hype.  We saw that happen with Florence, but still we decided to head towards the storage facility we will be using when we return to NZ, it was only an hour away.

We are here parked in the enormous carpark of National Indoor RV.  It’s 8:30 at night and it’s been raining since about 3.  No wind as yet.  Tomorrow will most likely be a bad weather day, but tomorrow night is forecasted to be clear and sunny on Fri, so at this stage it is looking like another storm in a tea cup!