Onto Georgia, Forrest Gump country

It was a pretty challenging drive for husband today.  We are still travelling on interstate 10, which we’ve been on since Phoenix, Arizona, in a coach you can only really take 40 or 10.  On this section of I10 there were lots of roadworks which no one seems to slow down for, the lanes were pretty narrow and uneven, and lots of trucks passing us.  Some days are like that, other days are easier.  We were happy to get to Savannah.  We are staying in another state park, this time one called Skidaway.  It’s not on the coast, but we are on the edge of a vast salty marsh, and more specifically, the Skidaway Narrows-infact the whole coast along here is like that, very flat land with wide salty inlets.


The park is beautiful.  Full of live oaks draped in Spanish moss,  pines and palms.  It doesn’t have the jungle feel of the last park which is actually nice, it’s more open.  We have the biggest pull through we have ever had or seen-probably long enough for 3 coaches, and a full hook up.

Once set up we headed off on our bicycles and explored.  There are trails all through the woods here, they were fun to explore.

Tomorrow we are going to explore Savannah.  Lots of movies have been filmed in Savannah, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Forrest Gump, Cape Fear etc.  I’m keen to see some Antebellum houses.  Antebellum means before the war, and here specifically, the Civil war.