We pulled into a campsite in Oklahoma thinking we might stay for a couple of nights and ended up staying for a week.  The ‘resort’ was very nice, lots of friendly people, two lovely big swimming pools and lots of walking trails.  Our first night there was a Friday which is a meet and great night, so we went to that and met lots of people, members of the resort, visitors like us and people that live there permanently.  Some good music was playing and lots of people dancing.  It’s Oklahoma and soon the country music was playing which meant line dancing.  I’ve watched a bit of line dancing now and it looks like great fun.  There’s an easy looking dance called the electric slide, so I joined in and line danced with a group of women I didn’t know-it was great fun.

The resort is up on a large hill 2000 ft above sea level, and the tracks are down the hill from the resort.  We liked the idea of walking them as we’ve not walked many hills (the US is very flat).  As we walked along the tree edged trails we noticed some big spiders in web amongst the trees and it wasn’t long before we were getting tangled up in the webs with the big spider coming too close for comfort, we have been told there are 3 poisonous spiders here and we weren’t sure how to identify them.  We were also warned about the Pygmy Rattlesnake, we were told it’s in the area and highly venomous.  We didn’t see any on the trails only saw a turtle sitting in the middle of the path. Turns out the big spiders are harmless but we decided to walk the roads of the resort and leave the trails to the Bear Grylls types.

Whilst walking the roads during the week long stay we saw 4 Pygmy Rattlesnakes, one was alive, the other 3 recently run over by golf carts-still floppy when moved with a long stick.  Also, while I’m on the subject, we were walking over the grass and I saw a Tarantula from a distance.  This put me in a bit of a spin but I was calm enough to direct S in his picture taking with my phone-ie, get closer!

I love to be around nature, but there are times when my nerves get a little frayed with snakes and spiders.  We also saw humming birds which was lovely, I’m only nervous of things that crawl and slither!

This resort had a pickle ball court.  It’s a game that’s very popular here, it’s a cross between badmington and tennis, played in fairly small court with short paddles and a wiffle ball.  We played our first game and played quite well, really enjoyed it.  A lady resident gave us a lesson and thought we played quite well so we are going to buy some paddles, it seemed like a good workout too.

We pulled out of the resort this morning and the journeys are long…

Crossing the panhandle of Texas can be a bit dull at times with huge landscapes!

Some teepees along the way…

Now in Amarillo, Texas.  Texas is a big state with lots of cattle ranches.  The land is so dry and barren one cow needs about 10 acres of grazing!