Martha’s Vineyard

The following day, our last full day at Cape Cod we caught the ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard.

There are 3 villages there to visit but they are positioned like the points of a triangle about 6 miles apart.  We landed into Oaks Bluff and decided we had only enough time to visit one of the other villages, not both as we were on our bicycles.  We had a quick look around Oak Bluffs.



We rode to Edgartown which was a very nice village.

Beautiful houses, a lovely harbour, close boat access to Chappaquiddick Island, and some boutique type stores. Chappaquiddick used to be joined to MV but in 2007 they separated as a result of storm damage.

Because we were catching the ferry from Edgartown back to Falmouth and because unfortunately the ferry service is sporadic and slow we only had an hour to explore.


Martha’s Vineyard has about 16,000 permanent residents but is a holiday destination for New Yorkers and Bostonians who have summer houses there.  In the summer the population can be 100,000, we were there in the peak of this population boom and can testify that the roads, ferries, transport system and villages cannot cope with the influx!


MV was settled in the 17thcentury by the English and the history is evident in many of the buildings, but we noticed that off the beaten track of great beauty and splendor, the old houses can look quite dilapidated.


MV later became a whaling station, and more recently was known for its association with the Kennedy’s.  Jackie Kennedy’s home estate there is currently for sale for $65 million.


I had hoped to visit Nantucket Island too having always wanted to visit after reading Ahab’s Wife novel but it’s about 30 miles out, more expensive to visit and only 1 village there so we have decided it’s not worth the time and expense.