Leaving Springfield and returning the next day!

While we were in Springfield we got a modification made to the coach in nearby Eugene.  It’s a steering stabilizer called SafeT.  It takes some of the slop out of the steering and it provides control in the unfortunate event that we should ever have a tyre blowout.  The unit was fitted and test driven, a few adjustments made and off we went to continue our journey south to Chiloquin near Klamath Falls in southern Oregon.  On the drive down there S noticed the steering started pulling to the left which is not ideal.  He said the tyres would wear out prematurely if we didn’t get it fixed, and besides, it’s not assisting with the steering so it’s not worth having unless fixed.

On our way to Chiloquin there were forest fires burning in several locations about 40 miles away leaving a blue smoky haze in the air that got thicker the closer we got to our destination.  At the RV park called the Waterwheel we met a lovely family (4 generations) from California and watched the grandparents teaching the grandson how to fly fish in the river that runs through the RV park.

We were booked at the Waterwheel for 2 nights.  On our full day I went off and explored the Collier Logging Museum which was 12 miles away.  S decided to stay at the coach as he was a little jaded and probably thought wandering around a museum in 95deg heat unappealing…

The museum was actually interesting.  It showed logging in Oregon since around 1850 where they used horses and oxen, then steam, then the engine.  There were lots of original log cabins used in the campsites, as the loggers typically lived at the campsite with their families as they were in remote places.  The cabins were interesting to look through and the thought of life back in the US in the mid 19th century regardless of profession must have been a very hard life, then they had the war of independence to deal with!

After the museum I went for a bike ride around the national park.  No bears just here!

While I was exploring the area S was making calls about the steering system and the conclusion was that we had to return to Eugene (3 hours north) to have a second device fitted to the steering that allows the coach driver to trim the wheel alignment while underway.  Apart from solving the centre tracking issue, this second device will allow the steering to be tuned in strong crosswinds when out on the plains.

We are now at the mechanics having the work done.  I hopped on my bicycle and went for a ride around Eugene which is a very cycle friendly city.  I rode from the Northwest corner to the University of Oregon, along the river to South Park and through downtown and back.  About 20 km.  Now we are waiting waiting….