Leaving Springfield again

 The mechanics spent hours working on our coach to determine in the end that the secondary device could not be fitted and we therefore asked that the whole kit was removed.  They gave us a full refund which was the right thing to do, but it wasted a lot of time.

We headed back to Chiloquin to the Waterwheel rv park again and arrived late and tired.  The next day we made contact with Hendersons in Grants Pass that actually make the unit we are trying to have fitted.  We decided to head there next.  We had the next three RV parks lined up through Reno and onto Salt Lake City, and it takes time to unbook and rebook elsewhere but we have learnt that it’s part of being on the road.

We got great confidence at Hendersons.  They can do the job next week and today is Friday so we will be in Grant’s Pass for almost a week.  Luckily it’s a really nice ‘Wanaka’ type place with a river instead of a lake.  When we were waiting for the guys at Hendersons to look at the coach I wandered off and found a massive blackberry bush.  It was laden with huge berries so I picked a bucket full and I’m making pies today.  I’ve never seen so many berries on a blackberry bush before, the bush had even grown through a tree so they were hanging down like bunches of grapes!

They tasted good!

Saturday today and we need to move to another RV park.  This one, BridgeView is full.  Shame, its a really nice park.


This is a car Stuart loves, there is a classic car show on here in Grants Pass

Lots of people are on the move around here.  There are many fires in the wider area.  Some areas have been evacuated and so many people’s plans are disrupted.  We are lucky to get into another nice RV park on the river til Thurs, when hopefully we will be moving on.  This park is called River RV


Sunday today and we explored Grants Pass on bicycles. It’s a hot day with no wind, but it’s a strange atmosphere, the smoke is creating a cloudy day effect-the sun can be seen but its just a dull orange glow.

There is no breeze at all.  This is the first day the fires have got to us a little-there is an oppression in the air, lots of people are wearing masks which you can get for free.  We have ash on the car each morning.  It feels like a stern warning about climate change… Armageddon…