Las Vegas

We are staying at a lovely luxury motor coach resort in Las Vegas.  We are about 5 miles away from the ‘strip’ and about 8 miles from where we are going to store the coach when we go home.  The resort we are in has a main swimming pool complex and one in each corner of the resort, 3 pickleball courts and some magnificent coaches that mostly have great outdoor kitchens and tiki type bars like our neighbours below, along with palm trees and blue skies it feels very tropical.  We have met and spent time with our lovely neighbours Ron and Jerry.


Our main focus while at the resort is to get the coach and car ready for storage which we have almost completed.  We have been cleaning and waxing both vehicles.


The other day we took a day off to visit the indoor storage facility and to explore the ‘strip’.  On our travels people have been telling us about Vegas and all the different casino’s so we were excited to see them.  I had decided that I was going to spend $5 in each big casino.  We parked at the Mandalay Bay which is an impressive building from the outside with lovely golden glass.

The casino was quite flash with big chandeliers and many gaming tables.  I was surprised to notice that instead of having croupiers they now mostly have virtual reality imagery instead, it’s very well done.  The other thing to note is that cigar and cigarette smoking is allowed everywhere in the casinos-it seems very old fashioned to see ashtrays around the place.  I didn’t like being in a smoky environment at all.

The Mandalay Bay is at the end of the strip, so we then walked onto the next casino along a connecting pathway.  The next one we went to was the Luxor with an Egyptian theme. On the outside it looks quite impressive with a huge pyramid made of black glass, and as you enter there are all things Egyptian but once you are in the casino, it’s just pretty standard gaming tables.

Next onto a King Arthur theme…

Then onto New York, New York.


I wont describe each casino as it’s much the same scenario, the casino has a theme, it’s especially good on the outside, but once inside it’s all about gambling.  I thought this was disappointing.  I thought the theme would be much better done on the inside of the casino.

I spent $5 in the Mandalay Bay on the 25c slot machines.  I had a winning balance at one point but while trying to improve my win, I lost it all-I guess that’s how it goes.  Same with the Luxor, $5 gone in a flash.  I remember the slot machines requiring some skill when I was younger-holding a reel and spinning the other two etc.  Now it’s dumbed down to pressing a button and a computer will determine when and how much you win-no skill required.  Roulette, horse racing, black jack etc are all computerized games played without a croupier/staff member, just computer routines-it all seemed a bit dumb really.

Aside from the slot machines, the more modern gaming machines seem terribly complicated.  I couldn’t understand how on earth to play any of them and there are no instructions!  By lunch time the crowds were growing thicker so we had some fabulous NY pizza in NY NY and then started wandering back.  Because all the casino’s are joined by a determined walkway it gets very congested.

We drove away from the strip with me feeling disappointed.  I expected more than a phony façade to lure you in so you can feed your money into machines-plus I was $10 down!  The police had been called to the entrance of one casino because a chap was causing a scene, we heard that he had just lost $1000.

We didn’t see half of what there was to see along the strip and probably should have gone back , and especially at nighttime, but the ‘strip’ just isn’t for us.  Las Vegas on the other hand is very nice.  Palm trees, blue skies, great temperature, great shopping-we really like it here.

Back at the RV resort we have finished our chores and have the coach and car looking dazzling.  The weather has warmed up after a very cold few days so now we are relaxing and enjoying the surroundings.  2 full days left and then we fly home.