Lake Havasu, Arizona

We booked into the ‘Islander Resort’ at Lake Havasu many weeks ago, a week here and a week in Las Vegas before flying home.  We thought a couple of weeks in the desert doing not very much would be relaxing before heading home.

We have been at lake Havasu for 5 days now. There are 3 pickle ball courts which we are playing on, a beautiful swimming pool and hot tub and many walks within the resort.  The resort is located right on the lake.  The lake itself is very pretty, it sits on a bed of limestone so it looks blue green depending on the light.  The word Havasu means blue green and Havasupai describes the aboriginal people from this area, people of blue green waters.


This resort is one of many RV resorts and up market housing resorts around the lake.  The lake is used by many boaties, some of which have very loud and fast powerboats that race up and down the lake during the day.  Some of the boats are beautiful, some are silly floating cabanas.


The city here only has a population of 50,000 and is really a city within a vast desert and is here only because of the lake and river. Havasu’s claim to fame is having the London Bridge join the city to the island where we are staying.


London Bridge was bought in the mid 1960’s for US$2.5 million.  Each stone was numbered so it could be correctly put back together once it arrived here.  The bridge looks great, but they have tried to create a London scene around the bridge which I think looks silly.  I noticed an area in the city that was trying to look like a Mediaeval village with Tudor buildings, again a bit silly, but the bridge is the most visited site in Arizona second to the Grand Canyon.


The weather has been wonderful here are Lake Havasu, hot, 85deg plus each day with a slight wind which is very refreshing.  The sky is blue without a single cloud each day, and the evening light is magical as it shines on the surrounding mountains.  I expect the morning sun is just as impressive, if only I could get up to see it!


We are enjoying lounging by the pool, cycling, walking, playing pickleball or swimming.


2 more full days here then we are off to Las Vegas.