Key West

We are down in the Florida Keys.  It’s tropical down here.  Coral grows in the water, coconuts grow in the palms, Frangipani grows like a weed and Iguana’s roam around like little dogs!

The fauna and flora are all very nice.

The drive down from Florida City was 114 miles along Ocean Highway, an impressive one or 2 laned highway about a meter above the sea.


The sea looks to be shallow with small outcrops of trees and mangrove islands stretching out to the horizon.  The land here is very flat, it will not fare well in global warming when the sea levels rise.

We are staying at a luxury RV park which means we get our own private lot with a full tiki hut and kitchen out the back by the canal.

Our outdoor kitchen faces west so the sunsets look very pretty.  This is a nice RV park.


Our RV park at Blue Water Key is 10 miles from Key West. We drove there today to explore. I have to say the Key West didn’t have a wow factor for me.  The place looks a little tired (it gets hit by some big hurricanes) and it’s touristy-I guess that’s to be expected but tourists are on little road trains, bicycles, walking, driving cars, driving golf carts etc.  The streets are narrow and it’s hard exploring by car.

Ideally, we would have been on our bicycles but I still can’t bend my knee enough to ride, even walking would be good, but I can’t cover a lot of ground yet (I’m being patient).

Lots of typical tourist shops with touts at the door calling you in-annoying!

There were quite a few nice colonial style houses which I expected to see more of.  We went to Mallory Square which is the place to go to as the sun sets-this being the most southern point in the US, apparently, it’s quite a knees up each evening!

Here’s a general taste of Key West:


At Key West you are closer to Cuba than to Miami-S took my photo at the most southern point marker.


There are some beaches at Key West but we didn’t stay long at any of them, just walked out on a pier at one, otherwise Key West is about it’s position being the most southern point, it’s a good jump off point to fly to Cuba and they have a Hemingway theme down here.

Earnest Hemingway lived down here with his 2nd wife Pauline and of the time when he had his beloved boat Pilar, named after one of his female characters in ‘For whom the bell tolls’.  There are lots of references to ‘Pilar’, Hemingway Rum and you can explore his house etc.  Papa was quite a beloved writer here in the US.


We had thought we would visit Cuba while we are here. The flights out of Key West are $500 pp return which is pricey…  Also, with a gammy knee we think this year it’s probably not worth it.


We have another full day here tomorrow and may go back to Key West for another explore…