Job completed and we leave Grant’s Pass for Reno, Nevada.

On Wed morning the job was completed by Hendersons.  They got it done quicker than they said they would and it cost less than their estimate.  We took it for a test run and ended up unknowingly on a road we couldn’t get off for 22 miles.  The road was taking us closer to the fires at Grant’s Pass.  We saw lots of roads leading into the Illinois Valley that were closed and had the army posted at the stop sign.  This was about as close as I wanted to get to those wild forest fires!

Stuart was happy with the work they did and we finally got back to the workshop and had them look at why we hear a strange noise when we pull away.  The mechanic saw a hose under the engine that had split and because it was under warranty suggested we go to Cummins.  We had to take the coach to Medford 30 miles away to get the part replaced.  I drove over there in the car which is just quicker and easier than hooking it to the coach for such a short journey.  Cummins was hard to get to because of roadworks-in the end I had to do a u turn in a takeaway carpark.  Stuart, in the coach cannot make such turns and had a terrible job getting to the place.  The Garmin took him 17 miles away and then wanted to repeat the wrong directions again. This can try one’s patience!

At Cummins a guy had a look at the problem and managed to find a replacement part.  He spent lots of time trying to fit the hose with a bracket that would last.  We had to buy the part which was cheap and will be a warranty claim.  When the job was done we asked for the invoice for his labour and he said no, he didn’t want to charge us.  I offered him a freshly baked apple and blackberry pie, he said no, he didn’t want any payment.  He said let it be one good thing that you remember from Oregon.  Isn’t that amazing…  He worked for over two hours in 100deg heat under the coach in his nice clothes…

Medford was in the easterly direction we wanted to head in so we thought after the work was done we would keep going even though we were still booked at the park in Grants Pass.   We pulled out of Medford and headed to Merrill, a random place picked off the map.  Merrill was a small town that is all about potatoes.  We stayed in a pleasant RV park there for the night.

Next day we pull out of Merrill for Susanville in California.  This was a boring 3 hour drive.  Straight roads and nothing to see.  Susanville has a population of 14,000 and is all about 1 Federal prison and 2 state prisons there.  Over half the adult population in Susanville work directly for the prison services, and the population there has boomed, but this is because of an increase in inmates!  We stayed just the night in another pleasant RV park.

Next day we moved onto Reno in Nevada.  This was only a short drive and we arrived in the early afternoon.  We are actually staying in an area called Sparks just outside of Reno.

This is the lagoon at Sparks

It seems like a very nice place.  There is building going on everywhere-a boom town! We are staying in an exceptionally nice RV park that has a swimming pool.

Tomorrow we are going to ride our bicycles in to Reno for an explore and maybe some lunch.