Into Yellowstone, looking for Yogi Bear and Bobo-Day 2

We didn’t bother with the early start today as it didn’t really gain us much yesterday given how cold mountain air and steam create fog.  We firstly went to Old Faithful as we pass it on the way to the Prismatic Spring.  Luckily she was about to blow within about 15 minutes of us being there.  Today the weather was hot and there were lots of people around.  There are seats all around Old Faithful and I suspect as many as 3000 people were watching.  The geyser was impressive but I think it’s on par with some geysers we have in Rotorua.  I’m glad we didn’t wait for hours to see it blow.



Then onto the Prismatic Spring.  This was so congested with people.  It’s the 5th July today, and a public holiday…  The car park was full and we had to wait about 20 mins to get in.  The Spring was worth the wait-it was beautiful.  Outstanding colours-I’ve never seen such an impressive thermal display before.  See how the spring colours are reflected in the steam…We noticed that there were people in the hills behind the spring with a higher vantage point so we decided to take a look at that on the way back to the coach.

We wanted to check the road that leads out of Yellowstone to the West as this is the way we will travel tomorrow in the coach.  The Coach navigation system has the dimensions of the coach programmed in which will prevent us being taken on roads with bridges too low, or roads to narrow etc, but the navigation system did not want to take us on this road.  We have never had this happen before-we thought we had better do a reconnoiter.  The nav system wanted to take us on a 5 hour alternative route!  We drove out of the western entrance and the road seemed fine for the coach so that was a worth while exercise.  We did some filming and photography along the way and back

At the Prismatic Spring for the aerial view which meant a 30 minute walk.  It was worth it-the spring from above was magical.

It was another long day exploring the park and today it was really hot, so we came home to the coach and enjoyed a beer.  Off tomorrow.  We clip Montana as we head into Idaho.

Yellowstone far surpassed our expectations of a National Park.  It’s diversity in wildlife, scenery, thermal activity and views is most impressive.  It costs US$30 for a vehicle to enter the park which it really good value.  We bought an ‘America the beautiful’ card a while ago for US$80 which gets us into all the parks for free for a year.  We will look forward to seeing other National Parks over here.  We still have not seen a Moose, but feel so lucky to have seen Bison close up, a Black Bear and a Grizzly.