Into Oregon

Time to move on again-that’s something we love about the RV way of life, when you’ve seen all you want to see, it’s time to move on.  The drive into Oregon was pleasant although the landscape is still looking a parched raw sienna colour.  We drove through the Targhee Forest which was a redwood forest, very pretty, and we climbed again up to just over 5000 ft this time.

We drove along the John Day Way to a place called Dayville.  John Day was born in Virginia in 1797 and came over to the West and worked as a trapper here.  Those times must have been so hard, it’s really impossible to imagine how hard life would have been living off the land and setting traps for animals that will kill you given half a chance.  In 1811 he was robbed and stripped naked by native Indians and left by the Columbia river-that must have been an event very hard to live down. The river mouth is now named after him.

The RV park at Dayville is very nice, but so very hot.  We have spent the whole afternoon in the coach with the air con on waiting for it to cool down.  It’s now 8:30pm and still too hot for exercise.

Tomorrow we are off to Culver as we slowly head towards the coast.

The drive from Dayville to Culver had very dramatic scenery.  Steep rock cliffs towering over winding roads.  We travelled mostly on the high desert country which typically looks parched except where it’s irrigated.  We thought we would detour to have a look at Bend.  I studied art there a few years ago and was keen to go back to show Stuart around. It’s a beautiful city on the Deschutes River.  The city has a great vibe, but the traffic from Redmond into Bend was pretty congested-it was Friday afternoon afterall.  We got to Bend but our plan to park the coach in a Walmart carpark so we could go exploring in the car didn’t work out-it was too tight and busy.  With no other plan for parking the coach towing the car we headed back out of Bend.

Bend is in central Oregon on the high desert plateau.  Also on this plateau are the snow covered volcanic cones-7 of them, looking majestic on the horizon.  We drove towards Mt Hood and to the Crooked River Campground in the Cove Palisades National Park.  The campground here is really beautiful, right on the river with dramatic scenery all around.

Sadly we planned to be here for only 1 night and tomorrow we head on towards Portland.  It’s sometimes hard to know what a campground is going to be like before you arrive.  Some have good websites with lots of information and photo’s, but the National Park websites aren’t always as informative.  This would have been a great one to have stayed longer at, but we can always come back another year.

As we entered Oregon the clocks went back 1 hour which is good, because in Idaho it was still light at 10:30pm.  Here the sun is just setting along side Mt Hood at 8:45.  It’s been a great day.

Outside of Portland we stayed at a campground on the North Plains.  This is very pretty countryside the reminded me of Norfolk Uk.  Lots of golden corn fields.  And here, fields of purple sage which is very pretty.  It seems as though just about everyone owns horses.

We liked the campsite so much, being surrounded by towering Redwoods and meeting such friendly people that we stayed an extra night.  We had no cell phone signal at the site but that’s ok.

Leaving North Plains we headed south of Portland to Springfield.  Again, a lovely campsite and nicely located to Portland for us to have an explore.  We drove the car into Portland and were actually disappointed in what we saw.  Lots of homeless people, lots of crazy people which is very sad to see-many of these people are young-I wonder how so many ended up where they are?

The city has a river running through it which is their downtown area-we thought this would be the nicest area but it had a run down feeling.  We thought Auckland is a much nicer city.

We took a drive out to the coast today.  We have both been missing the ocean, but Stuart said I would be disappointed in this coast.  He was right, the sea was dull with an on shore chop-I have video of this but no photos as S was driving.  It looked a bit grim and was at least 20 deg cooler than here in Springfield.  We explored by car, had a lovely seafood lunch and headed back.

We leave the Springfield area in two days time and are headed toward Klamath Falls which is in southern Oregon.