Into Canada

One of the reasons Arcadia is so nice is because of the trees and hills, but this area really marks the beginning of Canada and how it all looks up here!  We crossed over the border yesterday-alcohol is limited per person so we made sure we weren’t over the limit-food is fine.  It was a simple border crossing, no-one comes on board, no sniffing dogs etc, just a nice man in a kiosk asking how much tobacco and alcohol is on board.

Once over the border we were immediately struck by how beautifully smooth the roads are compared to the US.


We were booked into an RV park not far from the border. It was an open paddock type RV park which was so nice after the full Arcadia campsite.

In the evening we went for a walk to the coast which the RV park is next to.  The tide was out and we saw nothing but mud flats for as far as the eye can see-part of the big Bay of fundy tides.  We noticed lots of people digging in the mud with orange jackets on.  Upon closer inspection we discovered they were all digging for clams.  This was a team of workers all working for the same company, they had about 30 people digging and another 6 waiting for the clams at a refrigerated van.  This was our first experience of the Fundy tides, very low and very high-16 meter tides that are the highest in the world.

The clam diggers explained to us that you can’t just dig up a clam, cook it and eat it.  They have to be cleaned in a special way to get rid of the bacteria in them, otherwise they can make you very sick.

We are now in Moncton, still in New Brunswick.  Our car has had an error with the airbag so I am waiting at a Chevy dealership, husband has gone on to the RV park in Nova Scotia with the coach-no point in both of us driving in rush hour.

The drive through Canada so far has been very pretty, vast open landscape, dense forests or marshland.  Wild flowers line the roadside in abundance creating a very colorful scene.


The drive from the dealership to Nova Scotia had another landscape change, this time very flat windy and wild looking.

In this north east area, the sun rises at about 5:30 and sets at about 9pm, so long days.

We are staying in a campsite on Loch Lomond, only here for 1 night.


Tomorrow we are off again towards Halifax where we will try to position ourselves to see the tidal changes.