In the Grand Teton National Park

We moved the coach to an RV park in the Grand Teton National Park, Flagg Ranch.  It was only 50 miles from Jackson and we arrived early so we parked the Coach and went for a drive in the car to do some filming and photography.  It was fun to explore this park.  The road that runs through the park is a good quality road and typically you are driving through fir trees, meadow or a river valley-always scattered throughout with wild flowers, and here in the Grand Tetons they are magical.


We called into a Visitor Center to find out if there are organized or group walks we can do.  This is a park with grizzly bear, black bear, wolves, bison etc all wild and none of which you would want to surprise on a walk, it is stressed that you walk in a group of at least 3.  There are some organized walks but they are short and will be slow, not for us…  I made some enquiries about horse riding, and have found a place just over an hour away where I can go for a 3 hour ride.  I’m heading off there tomorrow.

On our drive to the visitor center a black bear ran out in front of the car and bounded into the woods on the left.  Stuart tried to photograph it but it was too quick.  Looked like a young bear, full of energy.  This made us realise that to be around here, even walking around the campground where we are staying we need protection, not so much from black bears, apparently, they will run if they hear you coming and are only a threat if mother has her baby near, or if they are feeding on a carcass.  The Grizzly’s are another matter.  We bought some bear spray.  It’s expensive but will stop a grizzly attack, which is what you want.  Just got to make sure you don’t spray yourself, otherwise you are tasty cheese on toast for the bear with a little spice added.

We saw more bison today and lots of woodland creatures which I think are Piko’s, like little Meercats.


We returned to the coach and got set up in our spot-precision parking required!  We are getting much more efficient at it now, then we headed off for a walk-bear spray at the ready.  This is a very large and impressive campground with spots for tents (those tent spots come with a separate food lockup as absolutely no food or other odorous goods must be in your tent overnight).  There are RV’s of all sizes and small to large log cabins.


After a drink a decided we should go for a bicycle ride.  When S gets on his bicycle he becomes 7 years old.  He goes fast, makes tight corners look easy, rides through mud etc.  It’s fun to watch him.  I find it hard to keep up with him, it’s fun though.  I’m getting better at riding my bike, especially after a beer.