In the forest

We spent 3 nights at Basecamp.  It was a great place to spend time.


I loved the log cabins at Basecamp and sat and drew one one sunny afternoon.

We didn’t go walking in Golden Gate Canyon.  On our first full day we wanted to go walking but wanted a safe environment so we decided to drive down to a delightful town called Black Hawk.  Driving past, it looks like a combination of old western saloons and ultra modern, but very tasteful buildings often made of rock/schist-quite similar to Queenstown or Wanaka.  I thought this mountain town would be full of arty shops, tea rooms, nice specialist food shops etc.  Infact behind every façade was a casino.

I’ve never been to a casino town before.  While it was very well presented, I found it all rather distasteful.  Of course people can gamble if they like, but it’s not for us and we didn’t go into any casinos.  There was little else there, so we just walked around all over town to get exercise.  We still had a nice time there, and not a penny lost!

On our second full day, we realised that if we wanted to buy bicycles to use at the National Parks further north we had better get them while we are near Denver, so we drove 50 minutes down the mountain into central Denver.  Our impression of Denver is that it’s a beautiful city.  Modern with lots of character and lots of tree lined streets.  We went firstly to a place that Stuart found on the website that can fit a bike rack to a car with a hatch back door, and still be able to open the hatch door.  That didn’t take long to fit and then onto a couple of bikes shops.  We both bought a bike, helmet etc and then a bit of grocery shopping then back up the mountain and off for a cycle ride.

My lungs still feel damaged and a bit useless after my chest infection, and trying to cycle uphill at 9250 feet was so hard to do!  I couldn’t keep up with Stuart, but when I did catch him, he said his lungs were burning too.  It’s so much harder at altitude!  Also great fun.

Today, Wed we moved from Basecamp to another site just 5 mins away called Cold Springs.  This is in the Roosevelt Arapaho forest.  We are in the mountains in the forest.  We are dry camping which means no power, water or sewer.  This is fine, we can spend 4/5 days getting power from our solar panels and our generator.  We will go back to Basecamp when we leave here to empty sewer as we are heading towards another mountain range.

Here in the forest we are surrounded by Aspen trees, Aspen Cottonwoods, and many types of fir and pine trees.  The scent from the trees is wonderful and the ground is covered with wild flowers.  There are all types and colours and they are everywhere, wonderful.  I love wild flowers and picked some today which we have in the coach.  They are so pretty.

Up in the mountains there are little fury creatures which are a type of squirrel, very cute and shy, also there are hummingbirds buzzing overhead all the time.  I usually can’t see them and when I can, I don’t get a good look at them.  No honey feeders allowed here and all the bins are complex to get into ( I couldn’t figure it out…) as they are bear proof.  I absolutely love being up here in these mountains.  It’s rained every afternoon that we’ve been up here except today which has been warm and sunny all day, and still light at 9:30pm with a lovely sunset.  When we lose the sun up here it can get very cold.  It must be beautifully colourful during the seasonal changes, and under snow.


Thurs,we went back into Denver.  S decided we needed timber under the wheels of the coach when we park up.  When we are on unlevel ground, if we extend the jacks fully to level us the wheels may come off the ground and this is not good.  The wheels still need to be grounded-on timber,  and the jacks need to be down to firm up suspension.  We bought strong laminated timber cut to Stuart’s specifications.

Then off to buy me a guitar.  I’ve missed playing mine.  I bought a second hand one, but it sounds beautiful.

Then off to buy a few groceries and back up the mountain.

Tomorrow we are off.  I’m sad to leave this place-it’s been my favorite campsite so far.  However we are heading to a place called Shadow Mountain.  We are driving (S is driving) down this mountain and up another.  We always look forward to getting back on the road.

Have absolutely loved Colorado.

This is the video link that relates to staying at Coldsprings:

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