In Colorado, the Wild West

We drove over the state line from Kansas into Colorado today.  The general area that we drove through today on Highway 50 is known as the Santa Fe trail and the area, Kansas/Colorado is New Mexico.  It looked very Mexican.

It’s hard to imagine when you see the ribbon of concrete that stretches ahead to the horizon that this was the dusty trail that the old pioneers, settlers, trappers and traders rode in their wagons not even 250 years ago.  Life would have been so hard back then-the landscape is dry, hot and harsh in June.  In Jan it must be frozen solid.

We passed through a town called La Junta and there is a historic fort there, which was basically a trading post back in the mid 1800’s.  This land then belonged to the Mexicans and was largely occupied by the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians.  The Americans (the only Americans around then), the Bent brothers ran the trading post trading goods for buffalo hides.  They also employed Kit Carson, a well known frontiersman, a trapper.

As we drive along the prairies, which are all farmed now I try to imagine what it must have been like when the buffalo really did roam here.

Once into Colorado, most small towns we drove through looked dusty, with small adobe buildings and very little infrastructure.  It looked pretty poor.  I thought Colorado would be green like NZ, but I can see that we are on the dry side of the mountains, Like Mackenzie Country.  Once we go over the mountains it will be more like our west coast-I think that will be Oregon.

We are currently at an RV park called Haggards in West Pueblo, about an hour south of Colorado Springs.

This feels like the Wild West, again flat prairie land but with the Rocky mountains in the distance.  There are a couple of horses here, right in front of where we’re parked, lots of rabbits running around and less cuddly, snakes.  Nancy the owner warned us about Rattlesnakes and Bullsnakes.  They are hard to tell apart, the Bullsnake is harmless but bigger than a Rattlesnake.  There are also water snakes that come to bathe in the swimming pool.  Initially I thought she was warning us about snakes in Colorado, but she means right here at the RV park.  Someone saw a Rattlesnake here just 3 days ago.  I’m scanning the ground, but I’m also trying not to worry about them, they are all afraid of man (and woman).  Nancy said there is one snake that will chase you, but she hasn’t seen one of those for 7 years.  Imagine being chased by a snake!!

There are actually many, many species of snakes in Colorado, I have to be brave.  We are staying here 2 nights and tomorrow we are going to a place with wonderful rock formations called Valley of the Gods.

Nice view as I blog away…


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