Impressions of Canada

We were in Canada for just under a month.  We travelled through Quebec and Ontario during that time, but these are such huge places I can’t say we’ve seen those provinces, only the highway we travelled along.  The size of Quebec Provence alone is profound, 1.5 million sq KM’s!  NZ is 268,000 sq KM’s.  I’m not sure that anyone can say they’ve seen Quebec Provence-further north it looks like a series of lakes and marsh and not many roads.

Travelling along the interstate for many miles I can tell you that Canada has many trees!  Trees to the horizon, and the horizon is very big in Canada.

There are ‘watch out for the moose’ signs everywhere and I watched out for them day after day hoping to see one, but none, infact the only wildlife we saw the whole time in Canada was a deer at Niagara.

The landscape in Canada is very pretty and I never tired of the colourful wildflowers at the side of the roads we travelled.  The lakes are grand in size and beauty.

The roads were of a most impressive quality.  We welcomed this after driving on some horrible roads in some states of the US.  Also we found the Canadian drivers courteous and patient, unlike the aggressive impatient driving in the US.

When we are in the US we say hello and wave to everyone, chat away to strangers in campsites and stores etc, it’s just what you do in the US, people are so very friendly, not so in Canada.  We found Canadians to be much more reserved and non wavy.  In Quebec Provence French is spoken as their first language.  The French settled this area after getting thrown out of Arcadia (Maine) and Florida by the British.  They are very staunchly French and while they just about all speak English, they do so reluctantly.  French is the only written word in most of Quebec which was tricky for us at times.

Montreal and Quebec cities were outstanding in their history, charm, french character and architecture.

We both drink dark beer and found it almost impossible to find in Canada.  The Canadian government owns and controls the alcohol outlets all over the country and beer choice was generally poor-how can a government be so controlling?  You can buy whiskey but not beer…!

Despite many bears and a lack of beers, we really look forward to seeing more of Canada next year when we explore the Pacific North West.  We’ll check out British Colombia and probably head further east.