I’m going to Jackson 🎵

We’ve been off the air while we’ve been in Yellowstone so the blogs are now catching up…


That’s Jackson Wyoming, not Jackson Tennessee.  We left Vernal Utah and within 10 minutes we were into the mountainous area of the Uinta Range.  This was steep in places, 8% gradient.  The mountain range was a dry environment but the rock was many shades of red which was very pretty.  We climbed about 3000ft, the views were breathtaking.  As mentioned in my previous blog, this area of Utah is known for the dinosaur fossils found.  All through these mountains are signs explaining what dinosaurs have been uncovered, also, which was fascinating, a vast area of these mountains used to be flooded, and many sea creatures, turtles, sea urchins etc have been found.  These mountains today are so dry it’s hard to imagine that the vast expanse of land probably looked more like a group of islands in Fiji-just the mountain tops showing as islands.  The mountain tops are ancient sand dunes.  Facinating.

Stuart drove us over the mountains with great care while I was busy commenting on the richness of the history around us-I’m not sure he was listening…

We stopped a few times along the way as we both wanted to really take this big scene in-I’m not sure either of us have ever seen such immensity before.

Once over the mountains we drove over high country which reminded me of Mackenzie country or the Highlands of Scotland.  This land took us into Wyoming.  This is all open range-stock and wildlife run free.  We saw some deer, we just hope they see us before they cross the road.  We stayed that night at Highline RV park.  It was a nice park with lots of space.  Our usual routine is to walk around the park many times for exercise when we arrive.  We see so many overweight unhealthy RV inhabitants, they provide us with great inspiration to exercise.  Often an over night RV park might be off the main highway, so walking or riding our bicyles feels unsafe.  Besides, it doesn’t matter where you walk, as long as you walk!

This RV park was near a town called Boulder, population 170.  We needed to fuel the coach so we drove the car to the next town, Pinedale to make sure we could fuel there.  It was a nice town and we also did a little grocery shopping, not knowing what might be available further up the road.

The next day, after fueling the coach, (which costs as much to run here on diesel as my car does on petrol in Auckland) we headed to Jackson, Wy.  The snow covered Tetons ahead of us suggested a majestic drive, and it didn’t disappoint.  The scenery was astounding all the way to Jackson.

Once setup in the RV park, we went for a walk around Jackson.  This is a Wanaka/Queenstown town with schist facades and businesses focused on mountain biking/skiing/river rafting etc.  The town is very tastefully presented and has some interesting shops.

After that we decided to go for a little drive in the car into the park.  Here at Jackson we are a 15 minute drive to the Grand Teton National Park.  On our way to the park we saw some bison!  What a magnificent scene that was.  I was so hoping we would see some, but to see them so close to the road…  Some others had pulled over to look.  Some people got close-these are wild beasts that weigh 2100 pounds and can charge at 36mph!!