Heading South West and exploring Columbus, Ohio

We thought we may as well take in a few cities on our way to Tennessee and Columbus was on the way!  We explored the city today, driving the car in and then cycling. It’s a lovely city with a vibrant feel, although it is Saturday today and is the food truck and music festival day, so food trucks all over and music in all the parks by the main river, Scioto.


Columbus has a population of about 1 million, and another million in the surrounding area.  Named after Christopher Columbus the city was founded in 1812.


The city was founded by both the Irish, who settled the northern area of the city and the Germans, in the south end of the city. The German settlement area still thrives today and is an attractive area of old restored houses and cobbled streets. These early settlers built many breweries here and many are still in operation.

As with Pittsburgh, Columbus doesn’t feel like a tourist town and we didn’t really see many.   The architecture in the city was beautiful in places.


In the 1970’s the downtown area was developed and many historic buildings were torn down to make modern buildings but luckily many survived.  The city has a diverse economy and has prospered well since it’s beginning but the 2010 sub prime debacle here saw 6117 properties foreclose and stand vacant, that must have had quite a negative impact on the city.

The city felt clean and open with lots of flowers around and parks all along both sides of the river with great cycle tracks.


We felt safe cycling around, but noticed quite a few police and security people because of the foodie festival.  We saw mounted police today which was a first, what a dream job.  Two of the horses were beautiful Friesians.


On our way back to the campsite we stopped at a town called Powell to stock up our wine supply at Annies Wine Cottage, and got chatting to Annie and the people in there-what nice people, they were so interested in our travels and seemed delighted that we were in Powell!


Next stop on the way home was an orchard that were selling early season apples.

I find the apples in the supermarkets here to be poor quality and haven’t found a variety that I like so an orchard seemed worth taking a look at.  I bought a bushel (actually I don’t know what a bushel is, just sounds good) and tried one at the coach-very sour so I made a huge apple crumble which was very nice!

A very hot muggy day here and we expect more of is as we head south.