Heading South to Florida City

We are in Florida City an hour south of Miami.  We are staying in a mediocre RV park that was Hobsons choice.  We are here for 2 nights as we are waiting to get into a very nice RV park 10 miles north of Key West where we will stay for 3 nights. We are looking forward to exploring that area.

We ended up having 11 days at Kissimmee (pron Kiss sim me) which was a nice stay at a very nice RV park which had 2 wonderful swimming pools.  The length of stay there was determined by my (I thought) final appointment with the surgeon. However once he had a look at my knee he asked that we return for another follow up visit.  I’ve still got poor range of movement in my leg, which although it improves each day seems to be slow progress and pushing through the pain is terrible.  The knee has internal stitches which I can feel tugging away all around the knee cap which is most unpleasant.  I’m now on anti inflammatory’s for 2-3 weeks and I’m icing it and exercising many times a day. We agreed with the surgeon that we would see him on our way back up through Florida as we head north.  He was happy with that.

From leaving Kissimmee we drove to Juno Beach for a night.  That looked like a very nice place. It reminded us of Port Douglas/Noosa.  This is the RV park we stayed in:


The next day onto Florida City, we had a 2 night stay so we drove back north in the car to explore Fort Lauderdale.  Stuart took me on a fun day out exploring by car.  First to a marina that we walked around:


…then we had a look at some beaches:


and then out to lunch where we sat over the Atlantic on a pier.  It was very nice!



The general area of Florida that we have been in is very nice.  The climate is similar to Port Douglas or Fiji and the flora and fauna is also much the same.  Many varieties of palm trees grow everywhere.  There’s a tree here called the Poinciana which we know in NZ as the Jacaranda.  Here the predominant colour is red//orange which is very pretty.  

The tree also can bloom with bright yellow flowers and the familiar purple.  Bougainvillea is ever present which makes for pretty colours everywhere.  The common ground areas, gardens, parks and roadside are all very nicely kept.

We are only 10 miles from the Everglades National Park which I was looking forward to visiting.  It’s 1.5 million acres in size and is the largest tropical wetland in the US. We’ve done some pretty extensive research and all RV parks in the National Park have a major problem with mosquitos and noseeums (nasty biters).  We’ve both been badly bitten by yellow fly so to go into the park where we will get bitten more seems pointless given that the activities are walking and cycling and I can’t currently do either.  Such a pity as the cycle rides through there would great.  Maybe we will come back down this way.