Further north to St Augustine, surprisingly historic!

The surgeon was accepting of us wanting to move on. I think he would have liked another visit as I still can’t fully straighten or bend the leg.  He said I have 2 months to get the leg straight or I will lose the ability to do so.  He suggested exercises and then showed interest in places we were going to-he recommended the Banff National park which I’ve put on the to do list-a list that gets longer!.

We were happy to leave the RV park at Kissimmee after so long but also the yellow fly were so bad there we were starting to suffer with many bites that had a severe itch that lasts for weeks and are prone to getting infected.  No chance of sitting outside our coach there, the park worked well initially with trips to the clinic but after sign off we left the next day.  The day before we left I wanted a couple of things from the store so I rode the few blocks on my cycle.  I can’t help it, I’m always scanning for gators because everyone says where there’s water there’s a gator, well there’s water everywhere-ponds, streams, swamp etc.  This guy was 2 meters away from me!


We went to St Augustine, still in Florida.  It’s a nice place to explore so we had 2 nights there. It’s a historic town with cobbled streets and some nice old architecture.

The Spanish sailed out of Puerto Rico to Florida in 1513 and claimed Florida for Spain.  Gold and silver had been found in Peru and Mexico and was sailed to Spain through the Gulf so Florida became a strategic landbase from which to protect the ships laden with their precious cargo.

Pedro Menendez arrived in Florida to send the French packing and to settle the area in 1565, he founded St Augustine.  The area was constantly under attack from the British, French, Native Indians, Pirates etc.  It would have been no easy place to live but Spain managed their huge landmass, basically the bottom half of today’s America from this area.

Much of the 18thcentury Spanish architecture still stands and is lovely to see.  The Flagler (he built the railway) College in the middle of town is a wonderful building to look at from inside and out.  I had forgotten how much I love old architecture especially after 33 years living in NZ which is so new!


There is an impressive fort on the coast, within the town called Castillo de San Marcos.  Building started in 1672 and protected the coastal approach to St Augustine.  It was built from coquina, which is shell rock and has stood the test of time and stands impressively today to be explored.


After walking around the old parts of town we cycled through the newer but still interesting residential area.


The waterfront area of the town was a very place for a stroll.

A very enjoyable day.


The next day we passed through Brunswick, Georgia and stayed the night but didn’t explore, just had a bbq!


We are now in South Carolina, just south of the North Carolina border.  A big day tomorrow as we make our way to the Shenandoah range that John Denver sang so lovingly about (it creates West Virginia).  When we get to the range on Tues we will stay for 3 nights at Yogi Bears Jellystone park where there are walking trails.  We have left the gators behind only to say hello to the bears!! NZ doesn’t have history, but it also doesn’t have animals that want to eat you for dinner-there’s something to be said for that!!