Florida, the sunshine state

We had a good drive from Gulf Shores in Alabama.  Within 10 minutes of leaving heading east along the coast we passed into Florida.  Florida is the south eastern peninsular of the US, but it also runs south west, and this area is called the Panhandle of Florida, that is where we are.  We left Alabama as they were in for lots of rain, so we moved to Panama City which was still to be wet, but not as bad as other surrounding areas-this is a very unsettled time of year here.  We booked into Panama City RV Resort for 3 nights to wait for the weather to improve.

This is a tightly packed RV site which has been a bit noisy with barking dogs and a big family nearby that all seem to have alcohol in their hands no matter what the time of day.  It only takes a few noisy people to spoil the feel of an RV park, plus it’s very expensive here 😭-nice swimming pool though!

We are spending our last night here tonight and apart from a few drops of rain this afternoon it’s been dry, hot and sunny-so much for the forecast.  Each day the sky shows huge thunderheads forming with lightening flashing within.  These clouds look most ominous but then they disappear.  So we chose to come to Panama City only for the weather, otherwise there is not much to do here.  We are very close to the beach, and the beach is another sugar white, squeaky beach with clear green water.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time walking along it and today walked along to St Andrews Bay-we noticed lot of dead snakes and fish on the beach which we thought very strange…

There is a state park on this peninsular called St Andrew State Park, we explored it and it looks great-full of alligator swamps and palmetto undergrowth, but that’s part of the terrain anywhere down here-the deer are very brave to be in the park!

Panama City doesn’t have much of a centre to it, and doesn’t seem to have any attractions.  It’s really a naval and military area, lots of jet fighters flying low overhead.

We are happy to be moving on tomorrow but have found it hard to determine where to go to.  We arrived this close to Georgia early thinking we needed to get warranty work on the coach organised, but that is now going to be done by Indoor RV where we will be storing the coach, so in hindsight we would not have come this far east so soon.  We still have 3 weeks before we need to store the coach and fly to LA, then home.  From here we are reluctant to backtrack, and so have decided to head over to the east coast.  Tomorrow we are heading to Jacksonville, Florida to explore that area and to have a look at the eastern beaches.