Exploring Salt Lake City

When we were at St Anthony in Idaho we met Tracy Chapman and his friends.  Tracy took us out on his Razor ATV which was great fun.  Tracy and his family live in SLC so we made contact and arranged to meet.  Tracy works as a Radio Presenter for 101.5 The Eagle.  He offered to show us around the radio station and then we wanted to take him out for lunch.  We drove into the city and had a quick explore before meeting up with Tracy-its a very nice city-wide streets, beautiful buildings, a great blend of historic and modern.

It was fun being in the recording studio with Tracy and getting a run down on how  all the equipment works.

After that we walked to a nearby café for lunch-it was good to catch up with him, he’s a great character.

After lunch we said goodbye to Tracy.  I hope he will come over to NZ with his family to visit us.

Stuart and I then walked to the Temple Square which is the Mormons equivalent of the Vatican.  The Mormons own 10 acres of prime real estate in the SLC CBD, and it’s beautiful.  The gardens are spectacular and the temple and surrounding buildings are very impressive, you could easily think you are in a European city.

The temple was built in 1867 so this is rich history for the US.  The Mormons, or Latter Day Saints arrived here mostly from the UK in the mid 19th century and travelled to SLC pulling their own carts as they were too poor to buy oxen.  That must have been a very hard journey.  There is a lovely statue in the grounds as homage to these hardy pilgrims.

There is a Tabernacle which houses a choir.  This building apparently has fabulous acoustics, you can literally hear a pin drop on the stage at the back of the auditorium.  When the full tabernacle choir sings it must be wonderful to hear.

After the Temple Square we had a quick wander around the impressive modern shopping centre Cedar Creek which is mostly under a glass ceiling and air conditioned which was welcomed today as it was around 100 deg.

It was a great day exploring and meeting up with Tracy.  Back at the coach it was 107 deg inside!  Time for the air con.