Exploring Mid Maine

We left the lovely Mill Brook RV park where we made lots of friends and travelled a short distance to Saco south of Portland, Maine.  We booked in to a KOA (Kampground of America) RV park for 2 nights just so we could shop at Maine Mall in South Portland.


S needed some new clothes and we thought we would buy a mosquito net and canopy.  We bought all we needed including a Lonely Planet guide to Canada as we are heading that way.  On our way back we had an unplanned lobster roll lunch again…


When we got back to the coach we put up our mosquito net and canopy and found that it was rubbish-flimsy, too big, poor quality etc so we drove back to the mall and returned it.  The clothes worked out well so it wasn’t a wasted day.

We met some very nice people at this campground, Rhonda and Gerry and enjoyed chatting to them and looking through their Airstream Trailer which was beautiful.

The next day we drove the coach up the coast, through Portland which looked very pretty and up to Rockland in Mid Maine.  We passed familiar sounding places, Yarmouth, Wells, York.  We are staying in a woodsy campground which neither one of us are fond of.  It’s the only campsite since Miami that we are keen to move on from, but it does have a seating/viewing area on the edge of the coast which we have enjoyed.  We booked in here for 2 nights so we could explore the coast a little more.

While sitting by the waters edge we met a family who are from Montreal and are full time professional bloggers!  They blog each day on cooking and were invited to the campsite as each Sat the campsite offer a lobster bake.


Today we drove the car down to Rockland.  This area used to be a shipbuilding area and is now all about fishing, primarily for lobster, as is this whole coast.  I was expecting a cute fishing village, nice houses and quaint stores but it wasn’t that, it was industrial, commercial, unkept and ho hum, we looked hard for the beauty.  We rode around on our bicycles and tried to photograph the best of it but there really wasn’t much to see.


We drove past our campground and headed north to the next village of Rockport.  This was everything I had hoped the last village would be.  A pretty harbour, beautiful houses and a great vibe.

5 mins up the road into Camden was even nicer, this was my favorite place.


The gardens were beautifully kept, the apples are just starting to grow on the trees, the rose scent filled the air-very nice place.


We tried very hard to resist all the lobster shacks selling great smelling seafood and ate our packed lunch-you just can’t live on lobster it’s too expensive!


We have no internet at our campsite and we need to plan past Arcadia which is our next stop so we sat in a park and did some planning and booked our way through New Brunswick and into Nova Scotia-our furthest point out north east will be Halifax and it’s interesting because it’s close to the Bay of Fundy which has the biggest tides in the world-15 meters!! Back to the campsite to sit at the tranquil waters edge and drink our beer!