How to paint a realistic portrait in watercolour

The video link below demonstrates a step by step, layer by layer approach to painting a realistic portrait in watercolour.  It assumes you have watched my: 1, Introductory tutorial 2, How to paint a realistic apple tutorial Learn all my tips and tricks from years of painting with watercolours.  Much of the video is time lapsed but the instruction is detailed to help you paint a beautiful portrait.

How to paint a realistic apple in watercolor

The link below is to a video I recently posted on youtube.  It’s a tutorial that takes you through a step by step, layer by layer approach to painting a realistic apple in watercolour.  I will shortly post another video of how to paint a portrait.  This apple tutorial is a very good precursor to the portrait study.

Introductory Tutorial – Watch this first… Carolyn has loaded her Introductory tutorial video on You Tube.  See her video at the link below.  This Introductory video explains: The material I use How to paint from reference photos How to transfer your drawing …All  that you need to know to get started. Stay tuned for her first ‘Paint Along’ video which will be ‘How to paint a Realistic Apple with Watercolour’.  Email me in the Contact page if you want notification of my video release.

My Next Workshop

  Each year I run workshops, but this year I have not been able to fit any into my busy time schedule.  Until my next workshop, I am happy to discuss private one on one teaching, again if time permits. If you are interested in a future workshop, or private tuition, please make contact with me through my contact page by email, or give me a call. Carolyn  

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