Blog 6, Exploring downtown San Diego, 4th June 2022

The next day we headed back into downtown to park and cycle the city.  The look, feel and layout is very similar to Auckland just that San Diego city has 1.4 million people, the metro area has 3.2 million so more people which means more restaurants, more things to do, bigger and better vibe but more trash, more smells, more homeless, more crowds.  I think I prefer it more bustling though.

Bottom of their Queen Street

We rode our bicycles along the well planned and thought-out waterfront area.

We were impressed with the Midway aircraft carrier museum ship, it’s massive.

You can go onboard and explore for $26 but we didn’t really want to.  We wandered around Seaport Village which was quite small but had a quaint Parnell feel.

Then cycled through Little Italy which had a great vibe and by lunch time was starting to get really busy.

A difference the city of San Diego has to Auckland is that the airport here is right on the harbour between downtown and the La Jolla area so huge planes are coming in over the city every 20 minutes.  Our campsite out at Bonita is on the flight path but further out.  Flights seem to stop from 11:30pm til 6am although apparently they can still fly in but have to pay a penalty.  We’ve not been disturbed by any at night.  I thought it was probably better to have the airport out of the city as we have but Stuart thought that for business people flying in it was very handy.

More Pohutakawas

After 3 hours of cycling we thought we had seen the best of what the city had to offer and headed back to the car, a 20 min drive back to the coach and off for more exercise in the hills.

Thats us in the middle

The Reservoir

We really enjoyed our stay in Bonita.  It was a lovely country suburb of San Diego.  We got some great walks in and enjoyed exploring the city of San Diego.