Blog 5, Exploring the coast, 30th May 2022

On our 3rd day in San Diego we drove out past the city to the coast around the Mission Bay, La Jolla area.  Not Jolla but ‘La Hollya’ (it’s all very Spanish here in San Diego but we did learn at the Alamo that this used to belong to Spain/Mexico…

We parked the car and explored the residential area by bicycle.  Some parts of this region were quite rustic and reminded us of the Manly area and other parts of Sydney.  Towards the La Jolla cave area the homes and cafes look and feel very much like parts of Auckland, including the St Heliers area.

Memorial day decorations.

One difference is the sea lions.  They laze on the shore line here stinking the place out though it was cute to see the fat mama’s with their little cubs.

La Jolla cove

There are Pohutukawa trees all over the place!

In fact the city of San Diego has many interesting trees such as ornamental gums from Aust, Jacaranda’s from South America and many exotic plants and trees that I recognize from NZ.  Bougainvillea grows like a weed here and Jasmine is everywhere reminding us of fragrant summer days in Auckland.

Kate Sessions was a forward-thinking lady here in the late 19th century. She wanted to preserve some land in the city for green parks.  She leased land in what was then called “City Park” in 1892 for a nursery. For this privilege, she was to plant one hundred trees a year in the park and furnish three hundred more for planting throughout the city.  Many of the seeds were from NZ trees!  I think this city owes her a great debt as the flowering exotic trees make this city so beautiful.

Back home to the coach for another BBQ and a walk in the nearby hills.