Blog 4, San Diego horse riding, 28th May 2022

On our 2nd evening in Bonita, San Diego we were sitting outside rugged up having a BBQ when we heard some horses go by.  I immediately ran out to clearly see that they were a pair of pure bred Friesians.

This is my favorite breed and if I were to ever own a horse, this is what I would buy.  We chatted to the 2 ladies and I talked about how I love Friesians and have always wanted to ride one and whenever I paint horses it’s always this breed.  Turns out they were owed by Jacqueline, one of the riders and she was happy for me to go riding the next day, so I did!  She said she keeps the horses at the bottom of the hill we are camped on.  I had seen a stable yard down there so thought I knew exactly where to go.

I asked Husband to come with me so we could sort the ride out and make plans for the day.  When we arrived and parked at the stables at the bottom of the hill there was no one around.  I text Faride and Jacqueline to see if we could enter but got no reply so I said well lets just go in anyway, I want to see the horses.  Husband was most reluctant.  He said this is private property and we don’t know what we’re walking into, as I pushed through the gate and started exploring.

When we got into the middle of the stable complex a big black dog, a wolf like Alsatian and a small dog ran at us and barked and growled, heads low looking at us.  I was so very scared.  Another 4th dog appeared and barked but no-one came out to welcome and greet us.  It then occurred to me that we were in the wrong place and we should not have entered private property when we don’t know what we’re walking into.

After I have written this blog I will write 100 lines: I will listen to my knowledgeable, sensible and trustworthy husband in future!

Stuart said we should stay still and keep quiet and the dogs will get bored.  Meanwhile Jacqueline text me to say yes come on in. I said we are already here but surrounded by guard dogs.  She said she had no dogs and had no idea where we were.  Gulp!

After about 10 minutes of their barking they did lose interest and disappeared somewhere.  We inched our way very slowly back towards the gate which seemed to take forever- the 4 dogs watching our every move not far behind us. Being back at the gate was a joyous moment, at which point I promised to never lead my husband astray again.  Strange to feel safe on the other side of a gate that’s swinging loose in the wind!

Turns out her place is 2 km away, yes at the bottom if the hill, and then along a little way!

We found the address.  I arranged to ride that afternoon, in the meantime we were off to do some shopping.

I rode Chiquita who was a very good-looking Friesian.

She was the mother of the other Friesian Brave that Faride was going to ride.  I was very happy riding in this neighborhood on such a splendid animal.

The trot was very smooth, the canter very bouncy so it gave me some appreciation for the dressage riders that make riding Friesians look easy.  I was riding in leggings with running shoes so no grip what so ever and my bicycle helmet.  It was hard to maintain balance on an unfamiliar horse and was happy for only a couple of hours of horse time, not the usual 3-4 days I normally enjoy in NZ.

Afterwards I was very happy to give Chiquita a wash down.