We are still at the RV park in Kissimmee.  Very nice here and we are happy staying longer. 

A short blurb on the knee.  Upon initial consultation with the surgeon on Mon he thought I may have a bucket handle tear in the Meniscus-yes, the good shoppers of Walmart were all right!  A bucket handle tear is bad as part of it flips under the knee and surgery is tricky and recovery long.  I was a bit bummed out at this prospect.

The next day I had an MRI.

Yesterday we met with the surgeon  Dr Blick and the good news it’s not a bucket handle tear but still a nasty tear so surgery under a general anaesthetic is scheduled for tomorrow.

Surgery was today. All went very smoothly, a very professional clinic.

Jolly on drugs pre op
Pre op tear
Post op improvement

Tomorrow I should be up and about and starting rehab. Today is about feeling sleepy after the general, and the pain killers.  Tomorrow I’m putting it all behind me and starting my US adventure!!

That’s it on the knee, any more and I will start PLOM disease (poor little ole me).

This weekend in the US is memorial weekend. The RV parks get full but luckily we have been able to extend our stay here so I can recover and attend my followup consultation next week.  Hopefully by then I will be mobile and we will get on the road and head down to Palm Springs with the view of moving onto Key West which I think will be very beautiful to explore.