Blog 33, Leaving the USA and thoughts on our journey

Blog 33, Leaving the USA and thoughts on our journey

After Temecula we travelled to Las Vegas and stayed in another favorite RV park called Las Vegas Motor-coach resort.  This is another RV park that has an enthusiastic Pickleball group.  I played each morning and really enjoyed it.  One morning Stuart played after doing some work on the coach and tore his calf muscle-he couldn’t walk!  We had our car in for service that day so we had no choice but to get an ambulance to the local medical emergency centre.  We needed to check for blood clots as we were flying a few days later.  All good.  Another medical claim on our insurance!

After 6 nights in this lovely place we moved the coach 40 minutes away to the indoor facility so we could get the car and coach put away for storage.  Busy and hot days.

We got the coach parked inside with the car and caught a Lyft to the airport.

A great flight home and arrived to a sunny spring day at 6am!

We travelled less miles than in other years but we still stayed at 43 RVparks over 5 months.  The highlights of the trip for me were in the people we met and the friends we saw again.  Spending a week in Vancouver with my dear Aunt Paddy and Uncle Dudley was certainly a highlight.

Pickleball has been a thing for us this year.  We both love it and love the community around the game.  We have met and reconnected with amazing friends through this sport.  It’s always competitive but always friendly.  Whether you are winning or losing, playing well or badly your partner in the game is encouraging and when the game is won, it doesn’t matter what side won and which side lost.

Most the special friends we met this year were through playing Pickleball.

We found the weather at times on our journey unbearably hot-unlivable.  90 deg + is tough going but 117 means you are stuck in air conditioning.  We had rain on only 2 occasions that I can recall.  The heat is often dry-maybe 10% humidity-here in NZ we have 90+ humidity regularly.

San Diego was lovely.  We enjoyed the Regional Park of Sweetwaters-it gave us great access to explore the city which we really liked.  Much of it reminded us of Auckland.  I had the privilege of riding a Friesian horse there which was a dream of mine!

Idaho was a delight as usual.  Idaho looks as I would expect Oregon to look, except that much of Oregon is now burnt.  Idaho is quite a diverse state with it’s mountains, rivers, pastures and forest.  We enjoyed McCall and will stay there again next year.  Playing Pickleball on the community courts with Dave and Diane and their friends was great fun.

The Olympic national park was generally disappointing.  I think if we did it again we would get off the coastal perimeter road and explore the inner areas of the park.  The RV parks were uninspiring-but this was a result of our poor planning-there were better places to stay!

Oregon is my favorite state.  It’s sad that much of it is burnt down but there is still so much beauty there.  The RV park at Sisters was one of the best we have stayed in and have booked in there again for next year.  Bend continues to be my favourite of all places-it’s a wonderful city.

We have made 75% of our bookings for 2023 already as we are keen to start the adventure over again.   In the mean time we will enjoy living in Auckland and spending the summer here.