Blog 32 Angels Camp and Temecula, California

Blog 32 Angels Camp and onto Temecula


We had a rather technical and windy drive to Angels Camp in the Gold Hills of California-not really one well suited to the coach, it would have been more fun on the Harley’s!!  We positioned our selves here to explore the Yosemite area.  Today we drove to the eastern entrance of the park.  We were not able to enter as we didn’t have a Timed Entry Ticket, but it was a 60 mile drive to get to the entrance so that’s ok, it was far enough and we got a feel for the environ.

The roads around here are narrow and windy and we needed to see if driving the coach into Yosemite next year would be worth while.  By car today we climbed 3000 feet but the scenery didn’t really change much.  It’s mostly rugged meadow with the remains of trees burnt down long ago.  We checked out 2 possible campsites that were good but were not hugely impressed with the overall scenery-it’s got a barren feel-golden meadows but few trees.  We have been thinking we will enter the park next year from Merced and maybe stay for a couple of weeks.  Tony and Helen are keen to also camp for while around May/June so we might do that.  Walking as a 3 or 4 group is much safer in bear country than 1 or 2…

Tomorrow we are heading to Tulare, then Santa Clarita then Temecula.

Tulare and Santa Clarita were one night stops on the way to Temecula where will stay for 2 weeks.

This RV park at Temecula is one of our favorites and is one we will make regular stops at each year.  It’s got the most wonderful residents who make us feel very welcome and there’s a huge Pickleball community so there are games each morning.  We have some dear friends that we have met previously here and made some new friends too.  This is the friendliest and happiest community we have ever encountered.  During our 2 weeks here we played pickleball each day, hosted some dinner parties and got invited to many dinners.  I met a new friend here called Heather.  She and I will be doing a horseback safari in Africa together next year.

This RV park is our last one til we head off to Las Vegas to put the coach into storage.