Kissimmee Florida

Arrived in Kissimmee Florida today.  Very close to all the theme parks, Disney World just down the road.  We are in an RV park that is away from the tourist scene in a residential area. Very nice park with many swimming pools and a lake.  Stuart explored during his walk last night and then took me for a drive around in the car. Looks nice.

Florida is of course famous for its oranges and gators, but because so much of Florida is low lying swamp land there are many bugs here, most annoyingly an insect that looks like a small aircraft carrier and bites like a mosquito, its called a Deer fly or known locally as Yellow Fly.  I got bitten many times yesterday and was only out for 10mins!  Typically, Stuart doesn’t get bitten much.  Deet is not an effective repellant!

We’ve been back on the coach for 6 nights now.  We realised we had forgotten so much of what we learnt last year, but it’s all been quickly coming back to us.  A big part of coach life is living outdoors.  When we are spending more than a night somewhere we get out our patio mat, chairs and table, lower the awnings and spend a great deal of time outside.  This has been different for me so far as I can’t get in and out of the coach easily, and I’m just more comfortable sitting inside, so I’m feeling a little disconnected but I’m sure it won’t be for much longer.  I’m getting very good pain relief from icing my knee and keeping it elevated.  I have an appointment with the specialist this afternoon.

A rather miserable me in an electric cart at Walmart

I had forgotten how lovely American people are. Everyone asks me about my knee as I limp around and they all say they are ‘sorry’, and they really mean it.  I had forgotten how vast the stores are here and how popping in to Walmart to get a couple of things takes half a day, especially for me now!  …and the heat, it’s one of the reasons we are here, but 85f/30c and high humidity takes a while to get used to.  It was 107f in the car yesterday.