Blog 28, Sisters, Bend Oregon

Blog 28, Bend/Sisters, Oregon

The drive over the Cascades was very pretty but the majority of it is visibly burnt, or has been burnt years ago and is now green but with no tall trees.  It’s sad but fire and flood have been changing the landscape since time began and what’s more, the fir trees need fire to regenerate…

All burnt down

How the woods should look!

We are staying at Bend/Sisters Garden RV park and it’s a delight to stay here.  It’s probably the nicest campsite we have stayed in this year.  The gardens are landscaped and immaculate with summer flowers of all colours bordering the green lawns.  There is a lake in the middle with a fountain.  The park is surrounded by high country desert grasses and pines.  We are at 3000 ft.

Sisters refers to the three snow-capped mountain you can see from just about where-ever you are around here and they are beautiful.

The town of Sisters is a western style town that is clean and tidy and modern but with a western ski town feel.  It reminded us of Arrowtown.  We are staying here for 4 nights and on our first full day we visited Sisters.  We wandered around and went to the farmers market.  It’s all very pleasant.  We had passed through this town in the coach the day before and I had seen public pickleball courts, so we took our gear to have a game, but it was about 37 deg and too hot so we returned to the RV park and had a walk in the shade of the trees.

The next day we drove into Bend.  This is a place we drove through in the coach in 2019 but it was too busy for us to stop.  It’s also a place I came to stay at for a week 13 years ago for a painting class.  I wanted to have a look at the house I rented when I was here and show Stuart how lovely Bend is.

When I was here before I had no transport so saw very little of city, but I used to stay up on Awbrey Butte and so we cycled up there today.  When we got to the street I used to stay at there were deer roaming the streets.  What a joy to see them!  The house looks much the same and the butte (hill) is high enough that you have spectacular views in all directions.  I absolutely love it here-this is my favorite place in the USA.

We generally had an explore around, taking in Pioneer Park and downtown.  It’s similar to Queenstown but with 100,000 people.  Queenstown only has about 15,000.


After a bit of shopping at Costco to get some more BBQ goodies it was off back to the RV park for a run then a relaxing BBQ.  A very nice day in paradise!


We spent most of our time at the RV park.  It was like camping in a beautifully landscaped park.  I went out side of the park a few times for a fun run along a forest road.  On one occasion I saw a hawk in dive attack mode right by me after some poor little furry woodland friend.  I’m not sure of he was successful but the sight of the huge hawk divebombing was impressive.


After 4 nights we leave for Eugene, Oregon.