Blog 20, Worley, Spokane and exploring Coeur d’Alene

Blog 20, Worely and Spokane

We had high hopes for the RV park, Praeder Ranch at Worely.  Its 40 acres of beautiful meadows and forest that’s recently changed hands.  This is us driving out there:

Beautiful summer meadows with hay being harvested and the canola flowers glowing in the sun.

What we were expecting at Preader Ranch isn’t what we got.  The place had gone to hell, left for rack and ruin.  The empty swimming pool, knee high grass on the volley ball court (not that we play) and shite net and surface on the pickleball court (which we love to play) gave the place a sad and ‘deserted in a hurry’ feel.  This could have been called rustic if the price was right, but these guys were charging resort fees for a grass site-what a bloody rip off-we told them as much.  They offered our money back and leave or shut up, we chose ‘leave’!!  The next morning after our refund we headed out to a place we found in Spokane.

This place, Northern Resort RV park is very nice.  Excellent facilities, spacious concrete pad and cheaper than Praeder Ranch!!

Essentially this RV park is part of the Northern Resort Casino.  That’s not what draws us here, it’s being 40 miles from Coeur d’Alene (CDA) which we’ve been wanting to see. We did walk over to the casino one evening for a look and found some of the history and photographs of the local Kalispell Indians interesting.  Many casino’s in the US are on Indian reservations as regular gambling laws do not apply to them.

Coeur d’Alene (CDA) is very pretty, we cycled around the city today.   CDA has a population of about 50,000, where Spokane where we are staying is about 200,000.   Spokane looks like a very nice city as we drive by but CDA is on a lake and has a Centennial Cycle way running through it.  Its quaint and idyllic with pines on the surrounding hills.  It’s also home to north Idaho University so is a bit of a student town.  Great atmosphere.  We thought the city had done a grand job at using and show casing their lake edge, they’ve made beaches, marina’s, and encourage all sorts of activity on the water.

Back at the Spokane Rv Park I have a wonderful long shower and hair wash in their beautiful facilities’.  Why is this a big deal, well back in Potlatch when preparing a BBQ I cut the pad clean off my 4th finger.  Soon as I sliced it though I thought bugger, this is not good!!  It bled heaps, but we were entertaining and so I just put a plaster on it.  Late that night the plaster had stuck and I needed to soak it off.  Very painful.  Husband made me a fabulous finger splint from a toilet roll inner.  Typing is currently a bastard.

One of the cool things about being in Spokane is that it’s the closest I’ve been to the Grand Coulee Dam.  I’ve been singing the line in that great song since I was 14 in one of Bob’s best, Idiot Wind.

Tomorrow we are heading to Moses Lake for a night.

In Moses Lake.  Easy and slightly boring drive over the Colombia Plateau, basically flat agricultural land mostly growing wheat.  Moses Lake for us is a stop on the way to Anacortes.  We arrived here early afternoon but it’s been too hot to explore, nearly a 100 deg.  We’ve had Mt Rainier in our sights on the drive today.  Big drive tomorrow!!