On the road to Florida

We did a short drive to McDonough, Georgia for our first night.  Stuart drove wonderfully well, not rusty at all.  The RV park was pretty average.  Getting on the road and setting up at the end of the journey is all on Stuart, I can’t help with much at all.

Stuart went for his usual late afternoon walk while I stayed on the coach.  Heading off tomorrow for Live Oak, Georgia.

Big drive today, over 4 hours to get to Live Oak which is close to the Florida border.  We stayed at an RV park where you can stay with your horses.  

Many people here tow huge trailers with horses doing just what we do but they go riding when they arrive, sounds wonderful! This RV park was very nice, 300 acres of open grassland and many paddocks of horses.  Live oaks all around with their Spanish moss swaying in the breeze. I rang ahead to book a spot and the owner laughed and told me the place was wide open, everyone’s gone now that the summer is here, this is Florida’s low season.  Just 1 night at this place and on the road again.