USA, May 21 in Pontiac

Pontiac Illinois is the place where we bought the coach from (over the internet!!)  We knew what coach we wanted and Pontiac RV offered the best price.  We are buying the coach new and has been built to our own specs.  Pontiac RV is such a massive complex with hundreds of RV’s new and 2nd hand.  Here’s a pic of us driving by, Sunday so they were closed…

We arrived in Pontiac today.  We’ve been for an explore around the town which is very nice.  The landscape here is incredibly flat with big skies.  It’s agricultural and reminds me very much of Norfolk, UK.  This is corn and potatoe growing country.  The landscape is punctuated with grain silo’s.  I loved the book/movie, The Bridges of Madison County.  If you’ve ever seen that movie, this is pretty much where we are.  There is a muscle car culture here too, when we walked through town earlier, all the Pontiac’s were lined up and some PA system was blasting Johnny Cash and the Beach Boys.  I’m not sure it gets more American than that!  We walked the residential streets of Pontiac, there are some fantastic historical houses here but most of them seem a bit run down, some are abandoned.  Here are some snaps of Pontiac.

Stuart has done all the driving so far, and a grand job too, but I know that sooner or later I’m going to have to drive the car, so I may as well learn in the rental instead of the new car we take possession of next week.  So, today I’ve been driving us around Pontiac.  In fact I started my driving on Route 66, which runs through this town.  I got confused once doing a U turn in a complicated drive way, and once tried putting the car in gear with the door handle, otherwise I did well.  I’m getting the hang of it.  Their stop signs are crazy.  You all stop, and then go in the order that you arrived in!!

We found a nice quiet woodsy RV park 10 mins from the dealership.  We will make that our first stay and practice all we need to know in terms of how to run the coach.  The park only had about 10 other RV’s spread out.  Lots of squirrels and rabbits running around.

The spring growth around here is lovely-pretty colours and scent in the air. The temperature has been quite chilly, probably about the same as when we left NZ.

We can’t believe how friendly the people are.  We have been having a Subway salad for lunch each day.  When you walk through the door into a Subway they say welcome and hello.  Really great service everywhere we go.  When we were driving on the interstate, we had to pay a toll, but the cashier told us the driver in front paid our toll.  So nice!!