Blog 19, Travelling to and staying at Potlatch, Idaho.

Blog 19, Travelling to and staying at Potlatch, Idaho.

We followed the river further north into Idaho.  This as a very pretty drive.  It started out as rugged mountains with a winding road, then about an hour into the drive the landscape opened out into plains planted with wheat, and some fields with Canola.  The colours were very pretty.  The wheat swaying in the breeze, changing colour as it moves, and the contrasting yellow of the Canola plants made it one of the prettiest drives we have ever done.  It’s easy to think when driving on days like this that it always looks like this, but after some research I discovered that the Canola crops are short lived and in fact the beautiful blue sky summer days here can be short lived, it can get very cold here!

We are staying in a rustic little RV park Called Scenic 6.

When we setup and were sitting outside we saw the odd car drive in and people use the toilets, we thought-how bloody cheeky, the jolly nerve of some people!  However, it turns out this RV park is part of the community park.  Potlatch only has about 800 people, so this really is small town America.  Potlatch is a strange name but it’s native Indian meaning ‘a ceremony’ or a ‘food celebration’.  This town was born from it’s dense stash of white pine trees.  A lumber yard set up and starting cutting them down and was so successful created the town.  Houses were built to house the workers, and so shops opened, schools opened etc-all owned by the lumber yard.  This was at one time the biggest white pine lumber yard in the world.

Today this town has a very nice friendly feeling.  I went for a run around the town this morning.  I thought it was ‘quaint’ even though a fat, ugly little dog nearly chewed my ankle off!  I noticed on my way back through the park that is an extension of the RV park that there is a Pickleball court and it had locals playing on it.  Stuart went to investigate and they invited us to play.  What nice people!  A couple playing were very nice indeed and as full of beans as us so we played all morning, had lunch at the coach and played again in the afternoon.  Such fun.  We are playing with them again tomorrow.

We noticed yesterday the RV park was filling up.  We learnt today that this weekend is the Potlatch country fare and it’s right by us here at the park.  Stalls and a band stand have been setting up today as we played pickleball and the shindig starts tonight with the band playing good old country songs.  Very good.  We took our chairs over and listened for a while.  Such a lovely atmosphere, it reminded me of the village fetes I used to love as a kid.  I guess I had forgotten that country feeling.  Stuart also grew up in the country, climbing trees and riding his bicycle, so were remembering back to those days as we listened to the band singing about how she left me a brokenhearted man blah blah blah.

The park quietened down at about 11ish last night and this morning the place is buzzing with classic cars driving in, old chevy’s, Ford pickup’s etc.  The lumberjack circle is set up ready for chopping and sawing, bit of axe throwing etc.  Stalls selling country fare, all very nice.  We however are here to play more Pickleball, both feeling quite addicted.  Dave and Diane arrived at about 10:30 and some other familiar faces from yesterday.  We played till about 4!!  We had such a fun day.

Dave and Diane came back to the coach for a bbq and some beers.  Sad to say goodbye to such nice people but we pull out in the morning for Worely which is not far away, less than an hour, then onto Moses Lake.