Blog 18, McCall Idaho

Blog 18, McCall, Idaho.

The road to McCall is quite a long and winding road.  It’s only 2 lanes which is a small road for the US, when their freeways can sometimes be 12 lanes wide!!

The road follows the Payette river and goes through the Payette forest.  It’s a very pretty drive but it took lots of concentration for the driver.  We came upon a ‘narrow’ 2 lane bridge and unluckily met a large truck on it.  It was a toe curling backwards moment.  I looked down and couldn’t even see the edge of the bridge, just the fast flowing water!  I don’t know how all wingmirrors were left intact.

The further you drive towards McCall the more beautiful it becomes.  We are at 5000 feet here, so it’s snowy in the winter.  It can snow here from October to May, most snow falling in December.  It would be very pretty up here then!  We are staying at the McCall RV park.  It’s pretty but not as woodsy as we were expecting.

Being Mid July now it’s summer but apparently, they are having a late spring.  The grass is tall and green and full of wild meadow flowers.  There are deer right here in the campsite and in the neighbouring meadows.  Nobody has seen a bear here yet-apparently they don’t show up til Aug time.

The wildlife around here is wonderful.  Out running this morning I saw many deer, Sandhill Cranes that were unbelievably tall (1.2 meters!!), beautiful birds including one that looked just like a Saddleback but with red instead of orange markings.  There are moose, beavers, wolf, elk, foxes, coyotes and mountain lions.  I’d love to see some of those.

 Huge cranes in distance My what big ears you have…


There are tall fir trees all around the area and just up the road from us in Ponderosa State Park.  What a lovely state park!  We cycled around it on our first full day.  Needless to say it’s dense with Ponderosa Pines which give off the most heavenly scent, this park is 1515 acres in size.  We had hoped to stay in the park but were unable to get in.  You can’t book until 9 months before you want to stay, so in November we will be trying to get a couple of weeks there in July 2023.  It’s one of the loveliest state parks we’ve visited.


Today was our 2nd full day here.  We decided to cycle clockwise around the lake but the cycle track isn’t on the lake edge as it would be in NZ, here private property own the land to the lake, so the road and cycle track is behind those houses, and stunning houses they are too.

McCall is a very pretty town with some great cycle lanes connecting the parks and lake.

Tomorrow we are going to look for moose!  In Idaho you can still actually get a permit to ‘harvest’ 1 male and 1 female moose in your lifetime.  I think that’s a shame as they are so beautiful to see in the wild.

We headed back out on out bicycles to Ponderosa State Park as there was much further we could ride than we did on the first explore.  This time we took some rugged trails which was great fun.  Honey is very good on his bicycle, I’m not so good and had to push my bike up some hills, and even walk it down some steep ones but that’s ok.  We ended up at a lookout which was beautiful.  The wild flowers in this part of the forest were astonishingly pretty.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such pretty wild flowers before.  The lake edge from this aspect reminded me of images I’ve seen of the Croatian coast.  Really very impressive.  We didn’t see any moose.

Tomorrow we head further up into Idaho to Potlatch.